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What Is a Pump?

A pump is a device that uses the action of pressure to pump or deliver a gas or liquid.

Applications include pumping from a lower position to a higher position, converting low pressure to high pressure, and converting or releasing mechanical energy.

Examples include:

  • Pumping groundwater to use above ground
  • Pumping pond water and releasing it into a fire
  • Pumping compressed air into a cylinder to push things out

How a Pump Works

There is atmospheric pressure on the earth, which is always standard 1,013 hPa at ground level (0 m above sea level). This state is called 1 atmospheric pressure, and the state in which the pressure inside a container falls below 1 atmospheric pressure is called negative pressure.

Since fluid has the property of flowing from higher pressure to lower pressure, by creating negative pressure in the pump, fluid under atmospheric pressure is drawn into the pump. The fluid in the pump is sucked in and pushed out to create pressure, and when the pressure exceeds 1,013 hPa, the fluid is pumped to a location higher than ground level or converted into mechanical energy.

In the case of vane pumps used in hydraulic systems, fluid in the pump is forced out through the discharge port as the vane, which is directly connected to the motor, rotates in the enclosed pump head. As the fluid is pushed out, a vacuum is created inside the pump, creating a negative pressure.

When negative pressure is generated, the fluid in the tank is sucked into the pump through the feed port and pushed out again, creating pressure.

Types of Pumps

There are several ways to divide pump types, but the major types are by structure or by application.

1. Structure Type

Vane Pump
A radial impeller called a vane is rotated to create suction and discharge.

Centrifugal Pump
Rotates a spiral-shaped impeller to suction and discharge.

Gear Pump
Two gears are meshed together and rotate each other to perform suction and discharge.

Piston Pump
Suction and discharge are performed by reciprocating a piston.

2. Types Of Applications

Submersible Pump
Submersible pumps are waterproof and used in tanks.

High-Pressure Pump
Produces extremely high pressure and is used for pumping to high places, washing machines, etc.

Vacuum Pump
These pumps are used to create a vacuum and are used to collect liquids and reduce pressure.

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