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What Are Hoses & Tubes?

Hoses are tubular objects designed to carry gases or liquids. They can be made of woven scientific or metallic fibers, or molded from a single resin.

There is no clear difference between a hose and a tube, but those with metal connections or synthetic resin or metal fibers used as reinforcement are often referred to as hoses, while those made of a single material are called tubes.

Uses of Hoses & Tubes

Hoses and tubes are used for a wide variety of purposes, but the following three are the main ones. 

1. Transportation of Fluids

The purpose of a hose and a tube is to pass fluids through them. Regardless of the nature of the fluid, the purpose remains the same: to transport the fluid from point A to point B.

2. Pressure Transmission

When operating pneumatic or hydraulic equipment, pressurized air or hydraulic oil is supplied from the power source to the actuator via hoses or tubes to make the actuator work.

3. Fluid Release

For example, when washing a car, you attach a rubber hose to a faucet and run water through it, releasing water from the end of the hose to hit the car and wash off dirt. Similarly, there is a work process called air blowing, in which compressed air is released from the end of a hose to blow away dust and debris.

Types of Hoses and Tubes

The type of a hose or tube should be selected according to its intended use in terms of material, reinforcement, and shape of the connection port. Here are some examples:

1. For Compressed Air

Used as a pathway for compressed air to operate pneumatic equipment. Plastic or polyurethane tubing is used when the supply pressure is low, while hoses with braided synthetic resin fibers and metal fittings are often used when the supply pressure is high.

2. For Hydraulic Fluid

Since the pressure of hydraulic fluid that operates hydraulic equipment is basically high, synthetic resin braided hoses are often used. The connection part must be tightened firmly with metal fittings.

3. For Water And Oil

Nylon tubing is generally used for water and oil. Generally, connections are simply plugged in as is for low pressure, but for high supply pressure, connections may be made with metal fittings.

4. For Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals

Fluorine tubing has excellent chemical resistance and will not be altered by the flow of chemicals and agents such as alcohol. It also has excellent heat resistance.

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