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What Are Nozzles?

Nozzles are pipe-like components that control the direction, velocity, and pressure of gas or liquid flow. They are often used to release gases or liquids, but they are also used for suction.

Familiar examples include showerheads attached to baths and adhesive tips. Another example of a suction nozzle is the suction port of a vacuum cleaner. Most devices and equipment that emit or suck gases or liquids have a type of nozzles attached to the end of them.

Uses of Nozzles

The following is a list of typical applications of nozzles, divided into two categories: nozzles for gases and nozzles for liquids.

1. Nozzles For Gases

  • Blowing off dust and other foreign matter
  • Blowing off water
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Pressure feeding of parts
  • Adsorption of parts

2. Nozzles For Liquids

  • Cleaning of foreign matter and dirt
  • Cooling
  • Humidification
  • Sterilization
  • Spraying chemicals and water

Types of Nozzles

Nozzles come in a great variety of types, but here are some of the most common types:

1. Straight-Through Nozzles

Concentrates the liquid at a single point and releases it with a strong impact. It is mainly used in high-pressure cleaners. There are also multi-hole straight-through nozzles that discharge not only at a single point but also at many other points. Nozzles for cutters are also available, which apply ultrahigh-pressure water pressure to hard materials such as metal for cutting.

2. Fan-Shaped Nozzles

Nozzles that release gas or liquid in a fan shape are mainly used for cleaning. They specialize in applying fluid in a linear pattern and rinsing it off in a tracing motion.

3. Conical Nozzles

Nozzles that emit gases or liquids in a conical shape and are mainly used for cleaning and cooling. They are good at covering a large area by applying the fluid on a surface. Most fire sprinklers are also of this type.

4. Shower Head

Nozzles that release low-pressure liquid through numerous holes, used mainly in baths. Recently, a new type of shower head called a micro-nano bubble shower head has been introduced, which contains bubbles in the water to enhance its cleaning and moisturizing power.

5. Sprinkling Nozzles

Nozzles are used for agriculture, vegetable gardening, car washing, etc. Most nozzles can switch the shape of the water to be discharged into a straight line, a cone, a shower, etc. Water is discharged by pulling the trigger, so the timing and amount of water discharged can be adjusted.

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