Protective Materials & Equipment

Protective Materials & Equipment

Here is a list of 111 Protective Materials & Equipment categories. It encompasses a wide range including shock absorbers, cable protectors, bucket elevators, heat shrinkable tubing, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Are Protective Materials?

Protective materials are cushioned material that can be protect against sharp edges, and other areas that may cause injury, as well as cushioned material that protect products from breakdown or damage during transportation.

Protective materials range from spongy materials to air caps, which are sheets filled with air.

Protective equipment can also be equipment that has the function of releasing shock or shutting off power to prevent malfunction or damage to equipment or devices when they malfunction.

There are various types of equipment, such as mechanical and electrical equipment, depending on the equipment you want to protect.

Types of Protective Materials

Protective materials are mainly used to protect people and objects from shocks. Typical items include the following:

1. Safety Covers

These covers are attached to corners and sharp edges to protect people from injury in the event of a collision. Materials include sponge, rubber, and resin.

2. Air Cap

A sheet of plastic filled with air. This type of protective material is widely used in shipping in general. 

3. Paper Packing

Paper packing is a cushioning material that protects goods from shocks by covering them with shredded paper. It is used for packing gift items.

Types of Protective Equipment

Protective equipment is used to protect facilities and equipment from malfunction or damage. Typical examples include the following:

1. Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are used to protect electrical equipment from damage by interrupting the electrical circuit when a certain amount of current (overcurrent) flows through the circuit or in the event of electrical leakage. 

2. Surge Protection Equipment

Surge protection devices protect electrical equipment from surge voltages when large voltages or surge voltages occur instantaneously.

3. Torque Limiter

A torque limiter is a device used in conveyors to disconnect the motor from the conveyor when it is overloaded, thereby preventing the motor from burning out due to overcurrent.

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