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What Is a Valve?

Valves are devices that control the flow of fluids. They are used in a wide variety of places, from factories to homes, to control a wide range of fluids.

The main roles of valves is to flow, stop, and adjust the flow rate of fluids.

Types of Valves

There are various types of valves depending on the pressure, fluid, environment, and method of use.

1. Gate Valve

As the name suggests, gate valves are designed to flow and stop fluids by means of a partition plate inside the valve. Since the fluid flows in a straight line, there is little pressure loss, but since it is used in a completely closed and open position, it is installed in places where flow control is not required. Examples include gas valves.

2. Globe Valves

Globe valves are named as such because the valve body is round and ball-shaped. Valves can partition the fluid in a direction parallel to the flow direction and stop the fluid to flow, stop, and adjust the flow rate. Although there is a high pressure drop because the fluid does not flow straight, it is possible to adjust the amount of fluid flow. An example is a single faucet.

3. Check Valves

As the name implies, check valves stop fluid from flowing backward. There are various methods of controlling fluid flow, such as the lift type, swing type, ball type, and blower type. These valves are installed in places where equipment failure or accidents are expected due to backflow. Examples include discharge pipes of water supply facilities.

4. Automatic Valves

As the name implies, automatic valves do not require human operation, but are operated by electricity, air, or hydraulic pressure. There are mainly electric valves and solenoid valves for electric drive, mechanical valves for pneumatic drive, and hydraulic solenoid valves for hydraulic drive. Valves are used in dangerous places where people cannot go, in manpower-saving facilities, and in valves that control large capacities. They are used in power plants, chemical plants, etc.

How to Select Valves

Valves come in a variety of types and materials, so it is important to select the appropriate valve for your application when installing one.

1. Pressure

Check to see if the maximum working pressure of the system is appropriate and if the valve can cope with problems such as pipe blockage or sudden valve operation. 

2. Fluid

Valves and materials are selected according to the corrosiveness, viscosity, and condition of the fluid to be used.

3. Environment

Valves and materials should be selected according to the environment in which they will be used. For example, open-air, hazardous area, underwater, etc.

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