Purification Equipment

Purification Equipment

Here is a list of 101 Purification Equipment categories. It encompasses a wide range including ultrapure water systems, wastewater treatment equipment, sludge disposal equipment, clean booths, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Is Purification Equipment?

Purification equipment is a generic term for equipment that removes contaminants from objects to make them clean and sanitary.

There are many variations depending on the object to be purified, but the most common types of water and air purification equipment are shown here.

Types of Water Purification Equipment

There are two types of water purification equipment: those used to treat water for human use and those used to treat wastewater after it has been used.

Water treatment technologies are classified into four categories: physical methods, such as filtration; physicochemical methods, which use the principles of ion exchange and osmosis; chemical methods, which use the principles of neutralization and oxidation-reduction; and biological methods, which use microorganisms and plants.

While some equipment uses a single treatment technology, such as circulating filtration systems, seawater filtration systems, neutralization systems, and reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers (RO systems), water treatment plants and wastewater treatment systems usually use a combination of several technologies. Since the technology applied varies depending on the nature of the water to be purified, the most efficient treatment process is generally adopted, taking into account the cost of each technology.

Types of Air Purification Equipment

Air purification technologies include physical methods using filters such as ULPA and HEPA, electrostatic precipitators, fume collectors, and wet dust collectors, chemical methods using catalysts such as SELFEEL, and biological methods using ultraviolet light and ozone.

Exhaust gas treatment equipment often consists of a combination of several technologies, and the appropriate method must be selected according to the nature and purpose of the air to be purified.

Clean rooms are used to maintain extremely high air cleanliness in semiconductor and food manufacturing sites and medical facilities. There are industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms, each of which controls the dust and bacteria count in the air, temperature, humidity, and room pressure in accordance with international standards.

In most cases, air showers and air curtains are installed at the entrances to remove foreign matter from the clothing of those entering the room.

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