Clean Room Supplies

Clean Room Supplies

Here is a list of 22 Clean Room Supplies categories. It encompasses a wide range including cleanrooms, air showers, clean lockers, clean benches, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Are Clean Room Supplies?

Clean Room Supplies are items used in a clean room where air cleanliness is guaranteed.

For semiconductor-related products, even the slightest dust contamination can cause fatal product defects. In biotechnology research, even the slightest contamination by bacteria or other contaminants can have a major impact on research results. Clean rooms are used to thoroughly prevent the entry of such foreign substances.

Since clean room supplies must maintain a high level of cleanliness, most clean room supplies are disposable consumables.

Types of Clean Room Supplies

A variety of tools are introduced to maintain a clean environment in cleanrooms designed to keep foreign materials out.

1. Clean Locker

These lockers are sterilized and deodorized by ozone, ultraviolet rays, etc., to ensure hygienic storage of stored clothes, shoes, etc.

2. Clean Wear

Disposable clean wear is worn before entering the clean room to prevent dust from entering the room if white coats or other clothes exposed to the outside air are worn.

3. Vacuum Cleaner For Clean Rooms

The clean room is a near dust-free environment, but as time goes by, dust and other particles are generated, so a clean room vacuum cleaner is used to clean the room. The vacuum cleaner is designed to prevent reoccurrence of contamination by filtering the inhaled air through multiple layers.

4. Pass Box

When materials are brought into the clean room from outside, they are placed in a box and processed before being brought inside in order to prevent foreign substances from being brought in. This box is called a pass box. In the pass box, dust is vacuumed, UV irradiation is performed, and other processes are applied to clean the object.

5. Net Cap

Since hair can fall through the gaps in the hood of the clean wear, a disposable clean wear net cap is worn to prevent hair from mixing with the hood.

6. Clean Tape

Clean tape is an adhesive tape suitable for use in clean rooms. General tapes emit dust from the core, etc., but clean tape has a plastic core that suppresses dust emissions.

7. Clean Room Shoes

Clean room shoes are used exclusively in clean rooms. They are constructed without any gaps or protruding structures such as seams to prevent dust from being generated. Some types can be disinfected and sterilized by autoclave.

8. Rags For Clean Rooms

Clean room rags are cloths that can be used in clean rooms. They are often made of materials that generate little dust, such as non-woven fabrics.

9. Clean Hood

A clean hood is work equipment with an air intake mechanism. When working in a clean room, the work area must always be under negative pressure to prevent dust and aerosols generated from flying out to places other than the worktable, which is adjusted by the clean hood.

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