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What Is a Server?

A server is software or a computer that acts as the main administrative base for computer systems. Administrative controls can be run more efficiently within a server interface There are many types of servers, each with different functions. Every system in its current state cannot operate without a server.

Types of Servers

1. Web Server

A web server is a server that stores information (e.g., HTML and image files) for displaying a typical web site. It is essential to operate a website because it needs to return appropriate information in response to user requests (i.e., clicks on a website).

2. Mail Server

A mail server is used to send and receive e-mail. In most cases, there are two separate servers, one for sending and the other for receiving mail. There are various reasons for the division into two, but the main reason is that the servers perform very different responses.

The outgoing server is responsible for properly sending the user's input to the receiving server, and the receiving server is responsible for properly receiving the content sent by the other outgoing server. The outgoing server is called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and the receiving server is called POP (Post Office Protocol).

3. Database Server

A database server is a server that returns information that has been stored by users, such as text sent and received via web servers and mail servers, and categorizes it appropriately.

4. DNS Server

A DNS (Domain Name System) server is a server that connects your IP address to your domain. Users always have an IP address, and the DNS server associates that IP address with a domain. This conversion makes the URL understandable.

5. FTP Server

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers, also known as file transfer protocols, are used primarily by web sites to send and receive files within a site.

In the past, it was only used for sending (sending HTML files to display a web site), but it also retains the ability to receive files if you want to receive them as files (e.g., image files).

6. SSH Server

The SSH (Secure Shell) server is an encryption server. It is used to prevent information leakage by encrypting personal information.

Server Rental

Servers, by their very nature, must be able to hold large amounts of data and operate at high speeds. If a website server is maintained by an individual, it is difficult to determine how much access is expected, so a rental server is generally used to gather the required data.

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