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What Are Sanitary Conditions?

Sanitary conditions refers to the practices and conditions that prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, preventing the spread of disease and maintaining a healthy environment.

Ensuring sanitary conditions follows guidelines for products used in manufacturing lines, testing and research, and other situations where a high level of cleanliness is required. In the real estate and construction industries, sanitary conditions are also used as a generic term for spaces with water supply and drainage systems for sanitation, such as bathrooms, washrooms, and toilets, excluding kitchens. It also includes accessories and equipment and facilities attached to the water supply space.

Thus, sanitary products called can be broadly classified into two categories: those dedicated to use in manufacturing and production sites and in testing and research, and those related to water supply and drainage facilities.

Types of Sanitary Equipment (Manufacturing and Production Sites, Testing and Research)

Typical products used in situations where cleanliness is required are sanitary piping, which is used in production lines for food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, etc.

Sanitary piping consists of sanitary pipes and sanitary fittings. The special structure and surface/inner surface finish prevent liquid accumulation and contamination, and disassembly, cleaning, and assembly are easy, thus preventing bacteria and foreign matter from entering the piping.

Sanitary rooms are often provided at these manufacturing sites to prevent human contamination. Hand washing stations, alcohol sanitizers, jet towels, rollers, foot washing pits, air showers, etc. are installed to prevent the introduction of foreign substances, including hair.

Similarly, special labware such as sanitary beakers are used in testing and research settings to prevent contamination. Most of these products are made of stainless steel and have excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

Types of Sanitary Equipment (Water Supply and Drainage Equipment)

Products related to water supply and drainage equipment include not only bathtubs, washbasins, faucets, showerheads, shower handles, etc., which are exposed to the outside, but also pipes, valves, pumps, ball taps, packing, gaskets, etc., which are used for piping. In addition, towel holders, towels and mats installed in bathrooms, washrooms, and toilets may also be referred to as sanitary products.

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