Lubricator-related Equipment

Lubricator-related Equipment

Here is a list of 12 Lubricator-related Equipment categories. It encompasses a wide range including oiler spouts, grease & oil cups, grease guns, lubricators, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Are Lubrication Devices?

Lubrication devices are devices that supply oil to oil tanks, chains, gears, sliding parts, and other parts that require lubricating oil or grease.

Hydraulic devices requires hydraulic oil, and lubricating oil is needed where metals rub against each other, so they are developed and designed to facilitate lubrication of these parts.

Types of Lubrication Devices

1. Lubrication Devices for Hydraulic Oil

  • Lubrication Pump
    A pump pumps oil and discharges it from a nozzle to a refueling port. A familiar example is the pump used at a gas station.
  • Manual Pump
    Insert the suction port into the tank to be refilled and the discharge port into the tank to be used, and pump oil by gripping the bellows several times with your hand. A familiar example is the one used to transfer kerosene to a stove's kerosene can.
  • Jockey
    A hand-held oil tank with a refueling nozzle attached. The nozzle is inserted into the refueling port and the body of the jock is tilted to supply oil.
  • Funnel
    A conical tube that is inserted into the oil supply port. When lubricating with a jockey, etc., this device is used to prevent oil from leaking out of the lubricating port by removing the funnel from the target.

2. Lubrication Devices for Lubricating Oil

  • Grease Gun
    A grease gun is a device used to apply grease. A bellows-shaped grease cartridge is set in the gun, and grease is discharged from the nozzle by pulling the trigger.
  • Grease Nipple
    A grease nipple is used to apply grease to the inside of equipment or to the ball parts of ball screws, LM guides, etc. Grease nipples are usually installed in places where grease is to be applied precisely. The nozzle of the grease gun is inserted into the grease nipple to
  • Supply Grease
    Forced lubrication system. Lubrication frequency is controlled by a timer to periodically apply lubricant or grease to the equipment.

Importance of Lubrication Devices

Lubricating oil and grease is a very important operation to prevent equipment from malfunctioning. When many pieces of equipment run out of lubrication, metal-to-metal friction occurs, leading to heat generation, wear, and delamination. Lubrication is performed to prevent this, but in some cases, the time for lubrication is reduced in favor of production.

Against this background, to reduce maintenance time, there are forced lubrication devices that automatically lubricate and grease nipples that dispense grease precisely to the areas where it is to be applied. By utilizing these devices, equipment downtime can be significantly reduced, leading to improved profits.

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