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Converters & Transducers

Here is a list of 26 Converters & Transducers categories. It encompasses a wide range including dc to dc converters, adcs, digital-to-analog converters, down converters, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Are Converters?

A converter is a device for converting voltage and forms of data.

A converter that converts AC to DC is called an AC-DC converter. If the same DC is used to increase or decrease voltage, it is called a DC-DC converter.

Converting data when outputting CAD data to a 3D printer, or converting a file format such as photos or music from one computer to another is also a form of converter.

Types of Converters

A converter is a device that converts the rotational motion of a machine into electric power, such as a bicycle generator, or a device that converts analog signals into digital signals, such as an AD converter.

Piezoelectric devices such as load cells are also converters that convert pressure into electricity. Thermocouples are converters that convert temperature into an electrical signal by electromotive force between two different metals. Compressors are converters that use electricity to generate compressed air and convert it into power using a pneumatic cylinder. Solar cells are converters that convert light energy into electricity.

Difference Between A Converter And An Inverter

In common parlance, an AC-DC converter that converts AC to DC is called a converter, and a DC-AC converter that converts the opposite is called an inverter, but these terms are used to refer to circuits.

The role of an inverter is to convert normal alternating current, which is a sine wave, into direct current, and then pulse-width modulate the direct current and turn it on and off repeatedly to control the output and create a pseudo-AC.

An inverter consists of a converter circuit, capacitors, and an inverter circuit. The merit of an inverter is that it can control output and save electricity, while its demerit is that it tends to generate noise.

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