Network-related Equipment

Network-related Equipment

Here is a list of 21 Network-related Equipment categories. It encompasses a wide range including media converters, vdsl modems, vpn routers, m2m routers, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Is Network-Related Equipment?

Network-related Equipment refers to devices used for network communications.

The networks we use every day perform complex mechanical processes. For example, when we send an e-mail, digital data is converted into electrical signals, the destination is determined by MAC address, the sending route is managed and selected, security authentication is performed, communication is established, the digital data is passed to the other party, and the other party's terminal processes and displays the data. The system is structured in such a way that digital data is passed to the other party, processed and displayed at the other terminal.

Different types of Network-related Equipment are used at each level.

Types of Network-related Equipment
The main types of Network-related Equipment are as follows

1. Media Converter

This equipment switches the digital signal medium from UTP cable to optical fiber.

2. VDSL Modem

A VDSL modem converts analog signals, such as Internet signals coming through a telephone line (copper), into digital signals.

3. VPN Router

A VPN router is a router with VPN capabilities. This router mediates a private network that cannot be intercepted by others even within a public network. As a result, you can access your home or company network from outside.

4. M2M Router

M2M routers are routers that allow machines and machines to communicate with each other via IP networks. They are often used in places where strict environmental resistance is required, such as for fixed-point observation and energy data collection.

5. SHDSL Modem

A transmission device that uses telephone lines for long-distance, high-speed, and stable digital data communication.

6. Server Rack

Computer hardware is needed to mediate communications and process (display and store) the digital data sent to it. This is called a server, and the rack that stores the server is called a server rack.

7. KVM Extender

These cables are used to extend the connection distance of the keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the computer. Normally, when the connection distance between these facilities and a PC exceeds 5m to 10m, the accuracy of information transmission is reduced and the response becomes poor. This cable is used to counteract this problem.

8. Server Blade

A blade server is a type of server in which common PC components such as CPU, memory, and HDD are housed in a small chassis or enclosure.


A SIM is an IC card with an ID number recorded to identify the subscriber, used in terminals communicating by GSM, W-CDMA, and other methods. Among them, ESIM (short for Embedded SIM) refers to an embedded type SIM.

10. Power Over Ethernet

A technology that supplies electricity through a communication cable following a standard called Ethernet.

11. NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a short-range wireless communication technology that is used in Suica, PASMO, and other systems that function by holding a device over a reader's head.

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