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Analysis Software

Here is a list of 25 Analysis Software categories. It encompasses a wide range including cae software, structural analysis softwares, electromagnetic simulation software, computational fluid dynamics (cfd) software, etc. You can search for an overview, principle, and usage of each category, as well as find manufacturers and distributors.

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What Is Analysis Software?

Analysis Software is a type of software that predicts physical phenomena by calculating complex mechanical equations on a computer.

It can calculate a wide variety of phenomena for which theoretical equations have been established, including forces on structures, heat, fluids, powders, electromagnetic fields, and molecules. The size of applicable objects ranges from the nano-level, such as molecules, to large structures, such as skyscrapers.

Using analysis software can reduce the cost of prototyping and development. For example, when using analysis software to verify the performance of a component, all that is required is to input the geometry data and material information of the component, and the computer performs the calculations, thus eliminating the cost of prototypes and the time spent on testing.

In addition, the use of analysis software can be expected to reduce design and development man-hours. Since analysis software uses a computer to calculate phenomena, it can visualize and quantitatively evaluate the forces, temperature, air flow, etc. applied to a structure that cannot be visualized in reality. As a result, it is possible to efficiently verify whether a design is good or bad and how to improve it.

In recent years, this analysis software has been applied to the digital twin approach, in which simulations are performed based on data collected from manufacturing sites and products in operation to predict defects.

Types of Analysis Software

Analysis Software differs in the objects that can be calculated depending on the type.

1. Structural Analysis Software

Analyzes how forces are transmitted inside a structure and the deformation of the structure based on the forces.

2. Thermo-Fluid Analysis Software

This software can calculate the direction and velocity of fluid flow and heat transfer. There are two types of methods: lattice method and particle method.

3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software

Calculates electric and magnetic fields to predict and analyze the distribution of electromagnetic fields and propagation of radio waves.

4. Acoustic Analysis Software

Analyzes the sound produced by structural vibration and the reflection and absorption of propagated sound.

5. Multivariate Analysis Software

Methods for statistical analysis of data with multiple independent variables, such as principal component analysis and cluster analysis, are implemented.

6. Vibration Analysis Software

Using vibration data of objects, this software analyzes resonance frequencies and mode shapes at those frequencies.

7. Point Cloud Processing Software

This software converts point cloud data obtained by a scanner, etc. into data with 3D coordinate values.

8. Motion Analysis Software

This software analyzes the motion of the human body (speed, acceleration, distance traveled, etc.) from images taken. Some products can calculate multiple problems simultaneously.

Types of Free Analysis Software

In general, analysis software is often purchased for a fee, including maintenance services, from software vendors. However, free analysis software is also available. 

1. Free Thermal Fluid Analysis Software: OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is an open source fluid analysis software based on the finite volume method. It is highly scalable, and calculation functions can be freely customized in the C++ language.

2. Free Molecular Dynamics Software: GROMACS

This is a rare free molecular dynamics software that supports parallel calculations and is characterized by its high calculation speed, and also supports GPU calculations.

3. Free Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software: FEMM 4.2

This is 2-dimensional finite element method-based electromagnetic field analysis software. It can perform electrostatic, magnetic, and thermal analysis simultaneously.

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