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21 Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for thermal fluid analysis software as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 21 thermal fluid analysis software manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked thermal fluid analysis software companies as of March, 2024: 1.Diabatix, 2.Creare, 3.ARRK Engineering GmbH.

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Graduated with a master's degree in mechacanical engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tokyo.
As a student, he was engaged in research on thermophysical properties and materials, such as thermal interface materials and heat insulating materials. After that, he mainly engaged in the development of coating equipment and CAE work at a chemical manufacturing company. Currently, he is engaged in research and development related to CFD, molecular dynamics, chemical equilibrium, and gas-liquid equilibrium at a food manufacturing company.

List of 21 Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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Diabatix's Thermal Fluid Analysis Software
・ World's first thermal design software for each level of engineering experience
・ Easy-to-use cloud software
・ Limitless design capabilities with generative design
・ Guaranteed manufacturable designs

    • Diabatix
      • Belgium Address: Technologielaan 11, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium

      Company Overview

      Diabatix is a Belgian software company that specializes in generative thermal design. Through a combination of AI and generative design, our software is capable of designing, analyzing, and optimizing heat sinks and cold plates with extreme speed and efficiency. These applications are widely used in innovations all around the globe, ranging from electric vehicles to consumer electronics and power applications. With a focus on heat transfer, the cooling components generated from our software are made to cool the high-powered tech of today and tomorrow.

    • Easy-to-use cloud software Guaranteed manufacturable designs Seamlessly integrate with your existing toolchain

    • Autodesk Inc.
      • United States of America Address: The Landmark @, One Market, Ste. 400, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Autodesk Inc is a manufacturer of 3D softwares, founded in 1982, and headquartered in Mill Valley, California. Offerings of the company encompass 3D design and modeling tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Fusion 360 for architecture, engineering, and product design. In the construction realm, it provides BIM 360, aiding in streamlined project management and collaboration. For the media and entertainment sector, software like Maya and 3ds Max facilitates 3D animation and rendering. Additionally, the company's portfolio includes engineering simulation software, CAM tools, educational resources, cloud-based collaboration platforms, as well as VR/AR applications, and solutions for GIS, mapping, robotics, and PLM.

    • COMSOL, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 100 District Avenue, Burlington, Massachusetts, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      COMSOL Inc., is a developer and manufacturer of simulation and modeling software that was established in 1998 as the US subsidiary of the Swedish COMSOL Group. Based in Burlington, MA, the company primarily offers its Multiphysics branded software platform, which can create, edit, and simulate multiphysics models via programming environments or a graphical interface (GUI). It also provides more than thirty different addons for Multiphysics, including fluid dynamics, acoustics, and structural dynamics modules. COMSOL, Inc. products are used in the industrial and technology sectors, including in facility design, research, and optimization processes.

    • ANSYS, Inc
      • United States of America Address: Southpointe, 2600 Ansys Drive, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      ANSYS, Inc., established in 1970, is an American multinational manufacturer headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, specializing in simulation software. The company develops ANSYS Simulation Software, a suite of tools used for computer-aided engineering analysis. These software tools empower engineers and designers to simulate and assess product and system behavior across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, healthcare, and energy. The software offers a wide array of simulation capabilities, encompassing electromagnetics, fluid dynamics, multiphysics simulations, and structural analysis. By utilizing ANSYS software, engineers can streamline product development, enhance overall product performance, address complex engineering challenges, and foster innovation throughout the design process.

    • Dassault Systèmes
      • United States of America Address: 175 Wyman Street, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      SolidWorks Corporation, headquartered in the United States, is a software supplier company specializing in 3D computer-aided design (CAD) solutions since 1993. The company has become a major provider of cutting-edge design and engineering software for various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. Their flagship product, SolidWorks CAD software, empowers engineers and designers to bring their ideas to life with precision and efficiency. Their solution portfolio unites the customer's entire ecosystem, allowing them to connect the people, applications, and real-time data from every aspect of their business for improved productivity, increased collaboration, and accelerated innovation.

    • ARRK Engineering GmbH
      • Germany Address: Frankfurter Ring 160 Munich, Germany

      Manufacturer Overview

      ARRK Engineering GmbH, established in 1967 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, operates as a motor vehicle manufacturer serving the automotive and mobility industries. The company's product offerings include digitalization & software, car bodies & high-voltage batteries, powertrains, chassis, and interior & exterior solutions. These products cater to a diverse range of sectors, including optical systems, electronics & software, acoustics, thermal management, and the automotive industry. The company collaborates with partners including IPETRONIK, FutureCamp, and Synera.

    • Thermic Electric Solutions SL
      • Spain Address: C/ Sánchez Barcáiztegui 39, Bajo 7, Spain

      Manufacturer Overview

      Thermic Electric Solutions SL, established in 1977 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a manufacturer specializing in electric equipment for heat production. The company offers an extensive and diverse product category including boilers, spas, and bakery, offering a comprehensive catalog of equipment. This includes industrial steam generators, hot water accumulators, steam boilers, industrial thermal fluid boilers, and fermentation conditioners, among other products. These machines serve an array of applications, such as generating steam for power generation, creating warm and humid environments for yoga practice, and providing relaxation through hydrotherapy and sauna experiences.

    • Murata Software Co., Ltd.
      • Murata Software Co., Ltd.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Murata Software Co., Ltd., established in 2008 and headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is a manufacturer that develops and sells CAE software. The company provides simulation software, component simulation data, and CAE software called Femtet. It also offers S-parameters, SPICE models, libraries for circuit simulators, and 3D data for CAD/CAE software. Its Femtet is designed to meet eight different analysis needs, including thermal conduction, fluid, piezoelectric, and acoustic analysis. It has ISO 9001 certification for its manufacturing plant. It serves Electronics Industries and Academic Fields.

    • Maya HTT LTD.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Maya HTT Ltd., founded in 1982 with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a manufacturer of industrial software applications and simulation suites. The company's software products offer solutions that include computational fluid dynamics, data analytics, product life cycle management, additive manufacturing, and electromagnetic simulation. It also offers digital services that include the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D design, and process simulation. The company serves various industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, and construction.

    • 3DEXPERIENCE Company

      Manufacturer Overview

      Dassault Systemes, a technology company established in 1981 in France, is a supplier of the 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) business and innovation platform and virtual software solutions. The company’s SaaS provides individuals, commercial, industrial, and research organizations with a real-time visualization of their business activity and ecosystem. Dassault Systems' core business is the provision of 3D design software, 3D digital mockups, and product lifecycle management. The 3DX cloud-based platform is available with options that include computer-aided design, project management solutions, and three-dimensional rendering. Dassault Systemes' software is used in the architecture, consumer products, lifestyle, and industrial equipment markets, among many others.

    • Orbital Stack

      Company Overview

      Orbital Stack is a manufacturer and supplier of wind engineering, air quality, structural design and weather forecasting analyses based in Ontario, Canada. The company's AI-powered simulation software, Orbital Stack AI, provides engineers,designers and architects with early qualitative guidance on wind comfort, thermal comfort and cladding pressures. The software is the first microclimate-analysis tool developed by RWDI that is being used by companies to manage risks and make climate-informed decisions.Orbital Stack has a clientless user interface between the designer and the software's cloud where a single model can run multiple simulations.

    • Software Cradle Co., Ltd.
      • Japan Address: 3-4-5, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

      Company Overview

      Software Cradle Co., Ltd., founded in Beavercreek, Ohio, in 1984 is a provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. The company's product portfolio includes Thermo-fluid analysis simulation tool used for analyzing complex thermal/fluid phenomena, thermal dynamics software, and integrated simulation tools. The company serves industries such as Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Construction, and Power Generation. The company also offers services such as data mining, process integration and design optimization.

      • Singapore Address: 305 Alexandra Road, #05-01/02, Vantage Automotive Centre, Singapore

      Distributor Overview

      PD Solutions, founded in Singapore in 2003, is a supplier of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM solutions. The company offers a variety of products, including PTC Creo design packages, PTC Creo simulate live, PTC Creo generative design, PTC Creo advanced surfacing, and Vuforia chalk,as well as providing services such as software deployment, consulting, and training. The company has partnerships with software providers and is a certified training partner for CREO, ANSYS, MOLDEX3D, ProTOp, and others.

    • Altair Engineering Inc.
      • Altair Engineering Inc.

      • Canada Address: 170 The Donway West, North York, Ontario, Canada

      Distributor Overview

      Altair Engineering Inc., founded in, Troy, MI, in 1985 is a supplier of computational science and AI, converging software and cloud solutions in simulation, HPC, and data analytics.t The company's product portfolio includes Data Analytics & AI, Electronic System Design, Fluids & Thermal, HPC & Cloud and Industrial Design Applications. The company serves markets including Automotive and Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage and Electronics and IT Infrastructure. The company also offers customer services that include support, custom research projects and customized services.

    • OpenCFD Ltd
      • United Kingdom Address: Unit 6, The Courtyard, Eastern Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom

      Distributor Overview

      OpenCFD Ltd was established in 2004 and has its headquarters in Reading, United Kingdom, and it operates as a distributor of open-source computational fluid dynamic toolbox and documentation products. The company offers a wide array of capabilities for addressing diverse fluid dynamics problems, encompassing intricate phenomena such as chemical reactions, turbulence, and heat transfer, as well as acoustics, solid mechanics, and electromagnetics. The product is issued biannually to incorporate customer-sponsored developments and contributions from the community professionally.

    • SimScale GmbH

      Distributor Overview

      SimScale has been a supplier of cloud-based simulation since it was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) company provides access to simulation tools and computational resources through its cloud-based platform, to simulate various physical phenomena and test the performance of designs virtually. The platform provides access to a wide range of simulation tools and pre-built templates, allowing users to perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), thermal analysis, and other simulations. SimScale's products have diverse applications across multiple industries such as Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and more.

    • Siemens EDA

      Distributor Overview

      Siemens EDA is an American distributor of integrated circuit (IC) as well as printed circuit board (PCB) design and verification software that was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of the German company Siemens AG. Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, the company offers emulation, simulation, layout, wire harness, and design-for-manufacturing software tools for use in conceptualizing and testing various IC or PCB mockups. This saves time in the prototyping and troubleshooting stages of their production processes, increasing efficiency while reducing risk of cost overages. Siemens EDA chiefly serves clients in the semiconductor, aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics sectors.

Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the thermal fluid analysis software page as of March 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. Dassault Systèmes: 20,000
  2. 3DEXPERIENCE Company: 20,000
  3. Autodesk Inc.: 13,700

Newly Established Company

  1. Diabatix: 2016 (8 years ago)
  2. SimScale GmbH: 2012 (12 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. Creare: 1961 (63 years ago)
  2. Thermic Electric Solutions SL: 1977 (47 years ago)
  3. Autodesk Inc.: 1982 (42 years ago)

Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
United States of America United States of America 5 35.7%
Germany Germany 2 14.3%
Japan Japan 2 14.3%
Belgium Belgium 1 7.1%
Spain Spain 1 7.1%
Singapore Singapore 1 7.1%
Canada Canada 1 7.1%
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 7.1%

List of Thermal Fluid Analysis Software Products

13 products are listed.

IT Assistcom

Heatflow / radiant heat analysis software FEMAP / THERMAL / FLOW

■ By combining Femap Thermal and Femap Flow, three -dimensional thermal body analysis can be performed, and the movement of heat from structures pl...

3 models listed

Advanced Donarage Research Institute

A new heat flow analysis software flowner that changed the trial and error of the design

Easy operation with intuitive interface. A thermal flow analysis software boasts outstanding stability and overwhelming speed FlowDesigner is a pu...

2 models listed

IDAJ Co., Ltd.

The next CFD solution integrated thermal fluid analysis solution Ansys fluids with a step ahead

Ansys® Integrated Terms of Fluid Analysis Solution is a comprehensive solution for modeling the flow of fluids and the accompanying various physica...

5 models listed

IDAJ Co., Ltd.

Applicable to any complicated analysis target shape Autonomas messing thermal fluid analysis program Converge

CONVERGE is a groundbreaking software that aims for high calculation accuracy in thermal flow analysis and minimizes bottlenecks in analysis operat...

3 models listed

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