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What Is a Glove?

Gloves are protective equipment worn to protect the hands.

There are two types of gloves: those worn for protection against cold and those worn for disaster prevention to protect against injury, shock, and other hazards.

Types of Gloves

The materials and shapes of gloves vary greatly depending on the purpose of use. For example, gloves for protection against cold are made of woolen yarn or synthetic resin with a brushed lining to increase heat retention. Gloves for disaster prevention use are made of leather, which is impervious to blades, or vinyl, which is impervious to water and chemicals.

1. For Protection Against Cold

Gloves for protection against cold are often made of woolen or brushed materials to keep body heat generated by the hands from escaping. Most gloves are designed to wrap the palm of the hand and fingers, but there are also fingerless style gloves.

2. For Heat And Fire Resistance

Flame-retardant fibers and cowhide are often used. To increase heat resistance, many are thicker and less workable. Because they are used in situations where sparks fly, such as in fire prevention activities, welding, and metal cutting, they are designed to cover from the wrist to mid-arm.

3. For Medical Use

Gloves used in the medical field are made of rubber to fit the hand and stretch freely. They are very thin because of the need to perform high-precision work. Since they come in contact with the human body, they are kept sterilized and disposable after use. 

4. For Water, Oil, And Chemical Resistance

Water-, oil-, and chemical-resistant gloves are used for work in watery areas or when handling chemicals. They are made of nylon, vinyl, rubber, and other materials, and come in a wide variety of shapes, from those that completely cover the mid-arm to those that cover the wrist, as well as thicker and thinner gloves.

Most Commonly Used Gloves

There are many types of gloves, but one type of glove that is used in a wide variety of situations is the military glove, also known as tactical gloves.

The material used is often woven cotton or synthetic fiber. Some gloves are equipped with non-slip fingers and palms for improved workability. Recently, smartphone-compatible gloves have also been developed.

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