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What Are Coils?

Coils are generally referred to as conductive coils in industrial products.

A conductive coil can be made to act as a magnet by conducting electricity and generating a magnetic flux, or vice versa, by changing the magnetic field in the coil to generate an electric current. It is sometimes called a solenoid.

Solenoid can also refer to a solenoid valve, which is a valve that opens and closes electromagnetically. A solenoid is a device with a mechanism in which the electromagnetic force of the coils applies a force to the parts, causing them to move in a linear motion to do their work. Such a device is called a solenoid actuator.

Coils are also inductors. In this case, it is the equivalent of L [H] in the basic circuit LCR, where L is the inductance and H is the unit of henry, which describes the property of the current flowing through Coils that allows DC current to pass through easily and does not allow AC current to pass through easily.

Types of Coils

The following are examples of products in which coils are used:

  • Transformers
    A transformer is a device used to convert AC voltage.
  • Antenna
    A loop-shaped object wound on a bobbin used for AM radio antennas.
  • Electromagnet or Solenoid
    The power of an electromagnet is used to open and close valves. An example is a solenoid used to open and close a solenoid valve to switch the air flow in a pneumatic cylinder that uses the power of compressed air as power.
  • Generators
    This is for bicycle lights, etc.

Structure of Coils

A metal wire coil is made by winding a magnet wire with a coating around a coil, either in a solenoid shape or in a spiral shape.

Printing type is a screen-printing method, in which thin conductors can be stacked, and is suitable for high-frequency inductors. The evaporation or sputtering method allows even thinner layers than the printing method, making it possible to create ultra-compact chip-type inductors that can be mounted on small substrates.

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