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SMS group GmbH
Shimazu Corporation
Scienta Omicron
Optex Fee
Ono Sokki
Migatron Corp.

18 Shape Measurement Sensor Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for shape measurement sensors as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 18 shape measurement sensor manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked shape measurement sensor companies as of March, 2024: 1.UNISOKU Co., Ltd., 2.Scienta Omicron, 3.SMS group GmbH.

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List of 18 Shape Measurement Sensor Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • Bruker Corporation
      • United States of America Address: 40 Manning Rd, Billerica, Massachusetts, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Bruker, founded in 1960 and based in Billerica, Massachusetts, is a manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments and analytical and diagnostic solutions. The company's product range includes analyzers, microscopes, and imaging solutions, which have applications in fields such as life science research, cell biology, and microbiology. In 1969, the company developed the world's first FT-NMR spectrometer system, enabling broadband proton decoupling. In 1997, it further expanded its capabilities by acquiring the analytical X-ray division of Siemens AG. The company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, and its products are available for sale worldwide.

    • Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 10 North Martingale Road, Suite 500 Schaumburg, Illinois, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Hitachi High Tech was established in April 1947 and operates in 26 countries with products and services ranging from semiconductor manufacturing equipment and Medical and Biosystems to Analytical Systems and Manufacturing related equipment and solutions. A unique state-of-the-art technology company with two functions as a manufacturer and a trading company with the motto of "Tackling social issues," the Hitachi High-Tech Group aspires to be a company that pursues not only economic value, such as revenue and profit, but also provides social and environmental value by contributing to resolving social issues through its business activities, including products and services. They also provide one-stop services, such as evaluations and analysis at a global level.

    • Migatron Corp.
      • United States of America Address: 935 Dieckman St.,Woodstock, Illinois, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Migatron Corporation, headquartered in Woodstock, Illinois since 1979, is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in ultrasonic sensors and controllers. The company offers intrinsically safe sensors, set point controllers, zener safety barriers, close range sensors, and self-contained sensors used in object detection, people counting, distance measurement, loop control, and liquid level detection. It is an ISO 9001, ATEX, and IECEx certified company, offering products to the oil & gas drilling, petroleum, chemical, and manufacturing sectors.

      • Japan Address: 2-51, Shimaya 4-Chome, Konohanaku, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      SANTEST (STC) is a manufacturer of sensors, transducers, and other mechatronic products based in Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1953, the company's products are used in various industrial applications such as robotics, injection molding, hydraulic systems, and machine tooling. The company's product lineup includes pressure and magnetostrictive transducers for assessing process variables, servo valves for controlling flow rates or pressure ranges using electronic signals, and ultrasonic sensors for precise measurement using ultrasonic waves. STC also provides its clients with after-sales services such as calibration, maintenance, and repair.

    • Optex Fee
      • Japan Address: 91 Chudoji-Awata-cho Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Optex Fee Co., Ltd., was established in 2002 and based in Kyoto, Japan, is a manufacturer and supplier of factory automation sensors and solutions. The company offers an extensive and diversified product portfolio including photoelectric sensors, fiber-optic sensors, displacement sensors, non-contact thermometers, vision sensors, and other industrial automation products. These sensors and solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing manufacturing processes across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, electronics, and packaging.

    • Ono Sokki
      • Japan Address: 3-9-3 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama , Kanagawa, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Ono Sokki Co. Ltd., founded in 1954 and based in Yokohama, Japan, is a manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of electronic measuring instruments and control systems. Its products include sound level meters, vibration meters, and FFT analyzers, utilized in research and development, quality control, and by production line engineers, particularly in the automotive industry. The company was the first to be designated by the government as a producer of sound level meters in Japan and also obtained ISO 14001 certification in 1997.

    • HORIBA
      • Japan Address: 2Miyanohigashi, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY was established in Japan in 1945 and has spent the last three-quarters of a century growing as an R&D company and engaged in international operations. HORIBA Scientific offers 200 years of experience developing high-performance scientific instruments and analytical solutions. The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing, and metrology to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Operating in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, HORIBA scientific develops solutions that go beyond just products.

    • UNISOKU Co., Ltd.
      • Japan Address: 2-4-3, Kasugano, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      UNISOKU Co., Ltd., founded in November 1974 in Osaka, Japan, is a developer and manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes, spectrometers, and other research instruments. The company, a division of Tokyo Instruments, Inc., offers Kinetic Spectroscopy Systems and Multi-Channel Spectrophotometers, using flash lamps and pulse lasers, as well as specific spectroscopy systems using high-sensitive light detectors. Applications include research of charge separation and electron transfer; observation of Excimer Generation; and analysis of Artificial Photosynthesis. In March 2014, the company was listed among the “Global Niche Top 100 Companies” by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

    • Shimazu Corporation
      • Japan Address: 1, Nishinokyo Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Shimadzu Corporation, founded in 1875 and based in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, is a Japanese manufacturer and supplier specializing in precision instruments, measuring instruments, and medical equipment. The company's products and solutions cater to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, environmental, and research institutions. For instance, Shimadzu produces analytical and measuring instruments like chromatographs and spectrometers, utilized for quality control as well as research and development in the environment, life science, and pharmaceutical fields. Furthermore, Shimadzu's medical products and systems aid in early disease detection and treatment, particularly for conditions like cancer. Additionally, Shimadzu supports manufacturing activities by providing vacuum equipment and industrial machinery.

    • JEOL Ltd.
      • Japan Address: 3-1-2 Musashino, Akishima, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      JEOL Ltd. is a Japanese developer and manufacturer of scientific and industrial equipment originally established in 1949 as Japan Electron Optics Laboratory Co., Ltd. before its rebrand to JEOL Ltd. in 1961. Based in Akishima, Tokyo, the company produces various spectrometers, electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems (EBLs), and thin-film formation equipment (TFFE). They also manufacture equipment for clinical testing or analysis, such as clinical chemistry analyzers and rack handlers. JEOL has operations and subsidiaries in three continents, including JEOL (Europe) B.V., JEOL USA Inc. and JEOL (UK) Ltd.

    • Omron

      Manufacturer Overview

      Omron Corporation, started in 1933 and headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is a manufacturer of automation components, equipment, and systems, and it developed the first contactless proximity switch in 1960. It has four domains, including industrial automation, electronic components, healthcare, and social systems, and it provides products and services in around 120 countries and regions. Some of its products include microsensing devices, access control systems, industrial robots, surveillance cameras, and blood pressure monitors. In 1971, it developed the first online cash machine, and in 1972, it established Japan’s first welfare factory.

      • Japan Address: 3-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan

      Company Overview

      KYOWA ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD., founded in 1949 as Kyowa Radio Laboratory Co., Ltd., is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor based in Chofu, Tokyo, specializing in stress measuring equipment with strain gages. Their product offerings include strain gages, bridge boxes or input adapters, transducers, and related accessories. Additionally, KYOWA operates TAMAYA TECHNICS INC., a subsidiary that manufactures navigation, surveying, and meteorological instruments. KYOWA's stress measuring products find applications in various industries. For example, their measurement instruments are used in riding quality evaluation and safety tests of automobiles and railway roads. These devices are also utilized in construction, civil engineering, and healthcare sectors.

    • attocube systems AG
      • Germany Address: Eglfinger Weg 2 , Haar, Germany

      Company Overview

      attocube systems AG was established in 2001 in Haar, Germany, as a manufacturer and distributor of spatial nano-positioning systems and complete probing tools. The company's product list consists of the atto3DR, neaSCOPE, attoTMS, and attoDRY series, among others. The products find applications in various fields, including motion analysis, nanoscale research, precision motion control, and quality assurance and control, contributing to accuracy and precision in scientific analysis and industrial processes. The company serves various industries, including surface science, laboratory testing, infrastructure, mesoscopic physics, materials science, and nanoprecise positioning.

    • Scienta Omicron
      • Sweden Address: Scienta Omicron AB Danmarksgatan 22 Uppsala, Sweden

      Company Overview

      Scienta Omicron, established as a supplier and distributor of cutting-edge scientific instruments, was founded in 1983 in Germany. The company specializes in providing scientific tools for researchers and institutions worldwide, and its product range covers a wide spectrum, including advanced surface analysis systems, electron spectrometers, scanning probe microscopes, and sophisticated deposition systems. Notable offerings encompass X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) systems, used for examining material surfaces at the atomic and molecular levels. Its products are used across fields like materials science, nanotechnology, surface physics, and more, catering to academic, industrial, and laboratory research.

    • Zygo Corporation

      Company Overview

      Zygo Corporation, founded in 1970 and headquartered in Middlefield, Connecticut, is a manufacturer of optical metrology systems and optical components and assemblies. The company manufactures products in several categories, including laser interferometers, 3D optical profilers, and optical components. It serves several industries, including medical, automotive, and consumer electronics, and also provides customizable metrology software to help customers measure. The company holds 750 patents, and in 2014, it became part of the Ultra Precision Technologies division of AMETEK Inc. It is ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 certified and sells its products under brand names such as Navitar, Special Optics, and Pixelink.

    • Renish

      Company Overview

      Renishaw plc., established in 1973 and based in Wotton-under-Edge, United Kingdom, is a manufacturer of analytical instruments, medical devices, and manufacturing technologies. Some of the products it stocks include additive manufacturing systems, open optical encoders, and neurological products, and it operates in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions, with 67 locations in 36 countries. Throughout its history, the company has spent 13% to 18% of its annual sales in R&D and engineering. In 1981, it set up its first international manufacturing facility in Ireland, and in 1984, it was listed in the London Stock Exchange unlisted securities market.

    • SMS group GmbH

      Company Overview

      SMS group GmbH, founded in 1871 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a provider of plant construction and mechanical engineering services in the world of metals. The company’s comprehensive offerings include machinery solutions for various applications, including casting, cold rolling, forging, hot rolling, metallurgy, mini mills, and tube and pipe manufacturing services. It designs new plants, modernizes existing ones, implements digitalization, and offers life cycle services. It provides various services, such as electrics and automation, technical support, consulting, and training, all emphasizing sustainability.

Shape Measurement Sensor Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Ranking as of March 2024

Derivation Method
Rank Company Click Share
1 UNISOKU Co., Ltd.
2 Scienta Omicron
3 SMS group GmbH
4 Migatron Corp.
5 attocube systems AG
6 Renish
8 Optex Fee
9 Bruker Corporation

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the shape measurement sensor page as of March 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. Shimazu Corporation: 13,499
  2. Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc.: 13,397
  3. HORIBA: 8,205

Newly Established Company

  1. Scienta Omicron: 2015 (9 years ago)
  2. Optex Fee: 2002 (22 years ago)
  3. Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc.: 2002 (22 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. Shimazu Corporation: 1875 (149 years ago)
  2. HORIBA: 1945 (79 years ago)
  3. KYOWA ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD: 1949 (75 years ago)

Shape Measurement Sensor Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Shape Measurement Sensor Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
Japan Japan 8 61.5%
United States of America United States of America 3 23.1%
Germany Germany 1 7.7%
Sweden Sweden 1 7.7%

List of Shape Measurement Sensor Products

1 product is listed.


XR20 rotation axial determination angle measuring device

The XR20 rotation axial determination angle measuring device is a device that performs the calibration of the stage, jig, and machine tools in coll...

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