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57 Tube Fitting Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for tube fittings as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 57 tube fitting manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked tube fitting companies as of February, 2024: 1.Swagelok, 2.Pearse Bertram+ Streamline Contract Manufacturing, 3.Asahi/America, Inc..

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List of 57 Tube Fitting Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • Swagelok
      • United States of America Address: 29500 Solon Road, Solon, Ohio, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Swagelok Company was founded in 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio as a tube fitting manufacturer. The company serves numerous industries including the chemical, clean energy, food & beverage, industrial machinery, life sciences, and wastewater treatment industries. The copmany's product categories include hoses and flexible tubing, sample cylinders, welding systems, tubing and accessories, and measurement devices. The company's also offers engineering services including field engineering, onsite services, design and assembly services, training, and construction services.

    • Aerospace Fittings
      • United States of America Address: 11150 Tennessee Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Aerospace Fittings, founded in 1983, is a manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings used in aerospace and aviation components in Los Angeles, CA. The company specialises in short runs, quick turn arounds, and specials with AS series, OEM series, Military standard series, Aeronautical standard series, and Boeing aircraft company standard series fittings. The company has over 50,000 items in stock all the time for 24-hour shipment and delivery upon request and does extensive forging inventory to reduce manufacturing time.

    • NewAge Industries, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 145 James Way, Southampton, Pennsylvania, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      NewAge Industries began in 1954 as a braid-reinforced, flexible PVC hose company. NewAge Industries is now based in Southampton, Pennsylvania. NewAge Industries’s products are used in fuel and oil, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, waste handling, water treatment, marine, MRO, packaging mining, energy and nuclear, robotics, computer chip, recreational, and OEM industries. Products include tubing and hose from silicone, polyurethane, PVC, fluoropolymer, nylon, and Viton; barbed, push-to-connect, compression, and cam operated couplings; ear type, nylon double bond, stainless steel worm gear, and plastic pinch clamps, and accessories such as cutters.

    • Pearse Bertram+ Streamline Contract Manufacturing
      • Pearse Bertram+ Streamline Contract Manufacturing
        Tube Fittings

      • United States of America Address: 22 Tobey Road Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Pearse Betram+ was founded in 1947 in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Today Pearse Bertram+ is an end-to-end solutions provider for the manufacturing industry. Pearse Bertram+ is ISO 9001:2015 certified and also UL508A (industrial control panels), IPC 620 (wire harness assemblies), and IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, and IPC-7711 certified for soldering. Pearse Bertram+ operates in both contract manufacturing and engineering support. The manufacturing segment includes electrical, pneumatic, robotic, hydraulic, and process systems. Engineering support includes support for operation of robotics, machinery design and usage, industrial automation, value engineering, and auditing.

    • Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 284 Ocean Road, Greenland, New Hampshire, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Beswick Engineering was founded in 1964 as an engineering consulting firm. Beswick now operates out of Greenland, New Hampshire. Berwick serves the medical devices, aerospace, analytical instruments, bomb, gas, & narcotic detection equipment, semiconductor, dental, hydrogen fuel cell, industrial robot & automation, inkjet, 3D printing, and packaging & food packaging machinery industries. 
Beswick offers tubing, tubing clamps, cylinders, compression fitting accessories, filters, mufflers, breathers, orifice restrictors such as drilled orifice fittings and sapphire orifice fittings, valves, regulators, and quick disconnects. Beswick also offers custom design options.

    • Maedler North America
      • United States of America Address: 3135 Lakewood Ranch Blvd #107, Bradenton, Florida, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Mädler North America was founded in 2020 as the US-based subsidiary of Mädler which was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1882. Mädler specializes in manufacturing precision-made machine parts. Product lines include linear guides, bearings, bushes, bevel gears, worm wheels, castors and wheel systems, couplings, fastening elements, clutches, gear boxes, idlers, linear bearings, locking assemblies, machine mounts, elements for pneumatic machines various joints, rubber padding and dampers, splined shafts and hubs, sprockets, timing belts, spindles, adhesives, sealants, and other assorted accessories.

    • Clippard
      • United States of America Address: 7390 Colerain Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 1941 in Arkansas and is now located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is a manufacturer of miniature pneumatic valves, specializing in ultra low leak, precision pressure control, and high-resolution flow control. Categories of Clipard Products include electronic valves, proportional valves, isolation valves, electronic controls, custom solutions, ppressure regulators, control valves, directional control valves, air pilot valves, air preparation equipment, and fittings hose, and tubings.

    • Eldon James Corp.
      • United States of America Address: 3486 Precision Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Eldon James Corporation was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Eldon James is a manufacturer of specialized connectors and tubing for global markets. Eldon James' product categories include quick disconnects, bag ports, 3D filaments, various adapters, fittings, and accessories. Eldon James also offers an online resource toolbox including an extensive library, literature, infographics, and videos. Eldon James has capabilities in laser clamp welding technology, and green manufacturing including PVC-free assemblies, and thermoformed custom tubing.

      • United States of America Address: 7604 Wedd St, Overland Park, Kansas, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Mid-America Fittings, LLC, established in 1989 and located in Overland Park, Kansas, is a manufacturer and supplier of quality engineered brass components. The company's product range includes industrial valves, brass flare and compression fittings (CA360/377), garden hose fittings, bar-stock and forged pipe fittings, as well as push-in tube fittings, catering to diverse industries such as automotive, electronics, and plumbing wholesale distribution. The company's services include design, manufacturing, machining, and a passion for environmental ideal practices. With over 3 decades of experience, the company consistently exceeds expectations in quality and service.

    • GTek Automation
      • United States of America Address: 26212 Dimension Drive, Suite 150, Lake Forest, California, United States of America

      Company Overview

      GTek Automation was founded in 1997 as Pacific Engineering and is headquartered in Lake Forest, California. GTek Automation is a technology-based distributor of pneumatic components, leak test and measurements systems. In addition to product distribution, GTek Automation offers product assembly and kitting services to assist our customers reduce the overall cost of component and system acquisition. GTek Automation specializes in the complete integration of the pressure or vacuum source, and all of the auxiliary pneumatic components.

    • Plastixs, LLC
      • United States of America Address: 151 Memorial Drive, Unit H, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Plastixs, LLC was founded in 1999 and operates out of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Plastixs is a distributor for industrial, plastics processors, process companies, and equipment manufacturers as well as a producer of custom water manifold assemblies and accessories to equipment such as plastic processors, semiconductor equipment, x-ray machines computer servers. Plastixs’s offerings include AIRTECT plastic leak alarm aystem, ATI quick-change robotic automatic tool changers, Bunting magnets, Crizaf conveyors, and Moditec low speed granulators among many more.

    • Engineered Source, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 747 W Taft Ave., Orange, California, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Engineered Source Inc was founded in 1990 and operates out of Orange, California. Engineered Source Inc is a distributor of precision parts for numerous industries including automotive manufacturers, construction, electronics & robotics, fabrication & assembly, farm & agricultural equipment, gun manufacturers, marine & water treatment, medical manufacturers, and aerospace. Examples of specific products include custom internally threaded square pins, stainless steel pins, steel hex nuts, short dog point socket set screws, zinc plated steel material, custom stamped L brackets, painted self-drilling screws, and custom-locating dowel pins for transit gear units.

    • Metro Hydraulic
      • United States of America Address: 1271 McCarter Hwy. Newark, New Jersey, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. is a third-generation family run business in operation since 1941. MHJ is based in Newark, NJ. MHJ distributes hydraulic jack-related equipment, tools, and parts including a broad range of cylinders, motors, valves, presses, couplings, tools, hydraulic fittings, hoses, jacks, pumps, lifts, lubrication equipment, pallet stackers, scissor lifts, and workholding devices. MHJ also offers system design services as well as engineering services and extensive repair including testing, retrofitting, and overhauling.

    • Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 4091 So. Eliot Street, Englewood, Colorado, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Industrial Specialties Manufacturing (ISM) was founded in 1982 in Denver Colorado. is an ISO 9001 company that supplies miniature pneumatic, vacuum, and fluid circuitry components to OEMs and distributors all over the world as well as providing custom solutions. The company serves distributors and offers not just sales but also marketing and logistics support with closed-loop feedback. Some of the types of products ISM offers include plastic fittings, customized fittings, sub-assemblies, and custom heat seal tooling.

    • Asahi/America, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 655 Andover St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Asahi/America was born in 1971 to be the distributor for Asahi Yukizai Corporation products on the East Coast of the United States. Asahi/America serves the aquarium & entertainment, chemical processing, data center, metal finishing, and the water/wastewater industries. The company offers a selection of valves and actuators including many types of valves, high purity piping, air & gas handling, double containment, and welding equipment. The company alos offers a wide assortment of custom fabrication of parts and components.

    • Production Materials, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 201 Messner Dr., Wheeling, Illinois, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Production Materials Inc. was founded in 1981 and headquartered near Chicago in Wheeling, Illinois. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified distributor of fasteners and related components such as nuts, washers, and bolts to manufacturers as well as individuals. The company provides option types such as material, coating, and threading. The company also prototypes and designs parts and offers customization options on many of the parts available. The company also assists customers in the consolidation and standardization of existing parts along with inventory management assistance.

    • Associated Fastening Products, Inc.
      • Associated Fastening Products, Inc.
        Tube Fittings

      • United States of America Address: 700 Hilltop Drive, Itasca, Illinois, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Associated Fastening Products, Inc. (AFP) was established in the early 1990s in Itasca, Illinois. AFP is a manufacturer and distributor of both standard and special fasteners for all uses, with many customers in the agriculture and gun manufacturing industries. Some of AFP’s product and service offerings include automatic screw machining, CNC services, brass fittings, standard fasteners, CNC machining, laser and waterjet cutting services, custom cold headed fasteners, metal stamping services, standard and special washers, cable ties, hardware kits and bagging, Swiss screw machining, inventory management, large diameter bolts, security fasteners, and wire form products.

    • Central Diesel, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 4600 Deepwater Terminal Rd. Richmond, Virginia, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      Central Diesel, Inc was founded in 1972 by Martin R. Wittersheim and is located in Richmond, Virginia. Central Diesel is a distributor of marine, construction, mining, rental, industrial, military, state government, federal government, transportation, and agriculture industries. Central Diesel product categories include diesel engines, diesel engine electrical components, diesel engine filtration systems, diesel engine maintenance & repair, diesel engine turbocharger assemblies, diesel exhaust systems, fuel injection systems & parts, generators, and hydraulic hoses & fittings.

    • N.T. Ruddock Co.
      • United States of America Address: 26123 Broadway Ave. Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      N.T. Ruddock Company was founded in 1951 and is located in Cleveland, Ohio. N. T. Ruddock is ISO 9001:2015 registered and is a distributor off industrial equipment. Product lines include blast cleaning abrasives, equipment and replacement parts, primary and secondary aluminum ingot, aluminum and copper master alloys, and pure metals. Abrasive options include glass beads, corn cob, crushed glass, steel shot, copper slag, and more. Metal options include aluminum alloys, aluminum master alloys, copper master alloys, ferro alloys, alloy additions, and beryllium alloys. Additionally, N.T. Ruddock also sells many types of parts such as nozzles, guns, and valves, in addition to larger equipment such as blast cabinets and blast pots. NT. Ruddock offers installation, cleaning, repair, custom bagging, and in-house blending of abrasives, and repair.

    • Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 150 E Alamo Drive, Suite 4, Chandler, Arizona, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. is a sealing products distributor located in Chandler, Arizona that was established in 1989. The company began as an O-ring supplier but has since expanded its product range to caps, plugs, gaskets, and customized and prepackaged kits. The products are available in a variety of materials, such as various kinds of rubber, plastic, and silicone. The company services a range of industries, including automotive, aviation, electronics, medical, and industrial.

    • FITOK Group
      • Germany Address: Sprendlinger Landstr. 115, Offenbach, Germany

      Manufacturer Overview

      Fitok Group, established in 1988 and located in Wuhan, Hubei, is a manufacturer that produces general instrumentation valves and fittings. The company offers a wide range of products, including instrumentation valves, fittings, manifolds, filters, and 2D/3D drawings. It also offers hoses, tubing, sampling systems, tooling, and subsea Products. Its product acts as a barrier, preventing active compounds from reacting with or adsorbing to the stainless steel. The company has received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15848, and ASTM F1387 certification. It serves a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, thermal power, nuclear power, and hydrogen applications.

    • Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd,
      United Kingdom

      Manufacturer Overview

      Longer Precision Pump Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997, in China, as a manufacturer of fluid transfer and handling devices. The company provides Peristaltic Pumps of various types like Basic, Intelligent, Dispensing and Flow Rate, and OEM Peristaltic Pumps such as the Hemodialysis pump that is used for pumping fluids in dialysis machines. Syringe pumps and Micro Gear Pump have uses in laboratories and the Micro Piston Pump has applications for device fluid sampling. The Longer Precision Pumps serve the pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, and environmental monitoring industries.

    • Takasago Electric Industry
      • Japan Address: 66 Kakitsubata, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Takasago Electric Industry, founded in 1959 and headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. The company's product portfolio includes solenoid valves, small syringe pumps, diaphragm pumps, fluid systems, and manifolds. These products are used in various industries, including aerospace, medical, cell culture, analysis, and other scientific and research fields. The company also offers services, including product catalogs, customization, integration services, and technical support. The company has a global sales network with distributors in the United States, China, India, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

    • Nihon Pisco Co., Ltd.
      • Japan Address: 3-9-32 Osachiizuhaya, Okaya, Nagano, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Nihon Pisco Co. Ltd., founded in 1976 and based in Nagano, Japan, is a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic equipment and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The company stocks various products like valves, actuators, and vacuum accessories used in several industries, including semiconductor, medicine, and rechargeable battery. The company started selling push-in fitting for pneumatic piping in 1977 and launched the industry’s first push-in fitting built-in type speed controller in 1981. In 1993, it launched a few products, including a quick exhaust valve, a digital pressure sensor, and a vacuum generator with a digital pressure sensor.

      • Japan Address: Ihara Takanawa Building, 3-11-3 Takanawa, Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      IHARA SCIENCE CORPORATION, established in 1941 and headquartered in Takanawa, Minato ward, Tokyo, is a manufacturer specializing in bite-type tube fittings and other high-pressure fittings designed for hydraulic applications. The company offers a wide range of product portfolios including fittings, pipes, valves, and related components. These quality products serve critical roles in various industries, including railway vehicles, semiconductor manufacturing, measurement instruments, construction machinery, and more. The aim of the company is to provide optimal piping systems tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of diverse applications.

    • Ushio Inc.
      • Japan Address: 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Ushio Inc., established in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan, is a manufacturer and supplier of specialized light sources, with a particular interest in ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio that includes various lighting solutions, including laser diodes, UV lamps, visible lights, lamps designed for projectors, and halogen lamps. These diverse products cater to a wide array of industries and applications, including architecture and landscape illumination, disinfection and deodorizing, litho-patterning, optical systems, as well as curing and bonding processes.

    • SMC Corporation.
      • Japan Address: Akihabara UDX15F, 4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      SMC corporation was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. SMC Corporation manufactures and sells automatic control equipment and filtration equipment. SMC has production facilities in 30 countries, technical development centers in Japan, the United States, Europe, and China, and sales offices, globally. SMC product lines divided by them include filter replacements, condensation prevention, heat resistance, thermos-chilling, and others. SMC provides a video library as well as product selection guide to assist customers in finding solutions and optimizing product efficiency.

    • Heyco Products

      Manufacturer Overview

      Heyco Products, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Toms River, New Jersey, is a manufacturer and designer of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components. The company provides a diverse range of products, such as top rail clips, liquid-tight cord grips, and strain relief bushings. Additionally, it offers services including prompt product delivery, maintenance and repair assistance, and warranties. These products are applied in various industries, including nuclear power, electrical appliances, and construction.

    • Aliaxis

      Manufacturer Overview

      Aliaxis is a Belgian ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturer of piping systems that was established in Brussels in 2003. The company’s product lineup includes plastic pipes and fitting systems for a range of industrial applications. These include utilization in energy distribution, ventilation systems, and farmland irrigation. It also offers custom design and manufacturing services for unique customer projects. The company chiefly serves its clients in the chemical processing, agricultural, and renewable energy sectors.

    • Festo Corporation.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Festo Corporation, established in 1925 and headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, is a supplier of automation technology and technical education and is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO14001 certified. It has around 33,000 catalog products, customized components, and ready-to-install solutions, including grippers, motors, and sensors used in industrial and process automation. The company won the German Future Award in 2010 and serves 300,000 customers worldwide, while its education division provides training solutions for 56,000 industrial companies and educational institutions. It registered €3.81 billion in the 2022 financial year and is available in around 60 countries, with 2,600 patents worldwide.

    • Dk-Lok U.S.A.

      Manufacturer Overview

      DK-Lok USA was established in 2010 and is the U.S.-based subsidiary of South Korean industrial parts maker, DK-Lok. DK-Lok serves industries such as offshore & onshore oil production, automotive & hydrogen fuel cells, shipbuilding & marine engines, petrochemicals & refinery, power plant, railway vehicles, and semiconductors. DK-Lok USA’s primary offerings are valves, fittings, regulators, hose, tubing, quick connectors, and tools such as hydraulic swaging units, electric swaging units, presaging tools, and tube & hose.

    • Core Pipe Products, Inc.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Core Pipe Products, Inc., founded in Carol Stream, IL, in 1984, is a manufacturer of stainless and alloy pipe fittings & flanges. The company's product portfolio includes Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Piping solutions, and Pipe, Valves & Fittings. The company serves industries such as Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Construction, and Power Generation. The company provides services such as Product Selection Guidance, Engineering Support, New Product Design and Development and Custom Manufacturing.

    • Haskel International

      Manufacturer Overview

      Haskel began in 1954 and is now part of Ingersoll Rand. Haskel is a designer and manufacturer of high-pressure industrial gas and liquid handling equipment in three categories: hydrogen refueling, products, and aftermarket. Hydrogen refueling includes, refueling stations, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen compression and transfer, hydrogen valves fitting and tubing. Products include liquid pumps, refrigerant pumps, gas boost compressors, air pressure amplifiers, packaged systems, spare parts, system components, and high pressure valves. Aftermarket support includes support for hydrogen stations, repair, maintenance, service, and spare parts.

    • Oil-Rite Corporation

      Manufacturer Overview

      Oil-Rite Corporation was founded in 1933 and is based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Oil-Rite is a designer and manufacturer of lubrication equipment used in industries as diverse as automotive, machining, and baking, as well as hydroelectric dams. Oil-Rite’s featured products include constant level lubricators, level gages, feed valves, and oil systems. Additional products include grease and oil dispensers, various valves, and sights. Oil-Rite also offers support including usage, lubrication levels, maintenance, and product selection for specific needs.

    • Praher Plastics Austria GmbH
      • Austria Address: Poneggenstrasse 5, Schwertberg, Austria

      Company Overview

      Praher Plastics Austria GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial piping system products made from technical plastics that was established in Schwertberg, Austria, in 1971. The company produces unplasticized PVC (PVC-U) pipes, fittings, and accessories for a range of industrial applications. It also offers various valves, such as diaphragm, check, and multiport models of different sizes and series. The company is certified to ISO 9001 standards, and chiefly serves clients in Austria’s industrial chemical, water treatment, and biotech industries.

    • Nitta Corporation
      • Japan Address: 4-4-26 Sakuragawa, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan

      Company Overview

      Nitta Corporation is an Osaka-based manufacturer and distributor of various industrial products founded in 1885. The company offers power transmission and mechatronic products, as well as intermediate components like tubings and fittings. These are used in conveyor machines, hydraulic systems, and medical devices. The company also produces industrial parts, such as molded rubber products like gaskets or diaphragms, as well as air filters and monitoring equipment like particle counters or decontamination devices. Nitta Corporation maintains a network of manufacturing facilities and sales locations in 22 countries across four continents.

    • Pushna International, Inc

      Company Overview

      Pushna International Inc., incorporated in 1984 and located in Stafford, Texas, is a manufacturer and supplier of connection heads and measurement instruments. The company manufactures a range of products including explosion-proof heads, stainless steel fittings, general-purpose heads, terminal blocks, and gauge valves. These products are used in various industries including automotive, beverage, chemical, plastics, and oil. The company also offers services such as turnkey projects and private labeling. Its distribution and manufacturing facilities are audited by CSA, FM, and ATEX.

    • Nycoil

      Company Overview

      Nycoil, founded in 1958 and based in Randleman, NC, USA, is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of premier fluid power and pneumatic products. The company's product range includes Nycoil tubing, tube fittings, nylon and polyurethane hoses, couplers, and blow guns. These products are used in the fluid power and pneumatic markets, enhancing durability, lightweight features, and ease of installation. The company serves various industries, emphasizing fluid power, pneumatics, machinery, and industrial equipment. Its services include offerings such as tubing accessories, hose accessories, blow gun accessories, and technical information.

    • Company Overview

      All Jetting Technologies Inc., in South Florida, is a family-owned company that provides affordable and quality products. The company manufactures rotating waterjet guidelines, water blast nozzles, and high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting hose fittings. It also specialize in UHP Hydro Blast surface preparations, fittings, adapters, and parts for industrial work environments in the hydro jetting industry. All Jetting Technologies, Inc. is also a distributor for Parker Hannifin's high-pressure hydroblaster , Blaster hoses, Ultra High Blaster Hoses, and Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasting Hoses

    • Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc.

      Company Overview

      Jamieson Equipment Company (JEC) was founded in 1982 and located in the state of Georgia. JEC serves infrastructure-related industries including pavement with concrete, aggregate, and asphalt, chemicals, sewage and waste management, and agriculture and food. JEC sells, installs, retrofits, repairs, and offers training and troubleshooting for a range of components and tools from simple fittings to motion sensors to electronics to valves to actuators, cranes, mixers, silos, hoppers, and plants.

    • ISC Plastic Parts, S.L
      • ISC Plastic Parts, S.L
        O RING

      Distributor Overview

      ISC Plastic Parts, S.L. is based in Barcelona, Spain, and is an ISO 9001-certified distributor of standard industrial plastic parts that was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of ISC Plastic Parts Group. The company’s product inventory list includes hole plugs, strain relief bushings, and panel fasteners. Its catalog lists over 12,000 different parts, and it offers parts customization for customers with unique project specifications. The company primarily serves clients in the electrical distribution, furniture manufacturing, and automotive industries.

    • UCT Fluid Solutions

      Distributor Overview

      UCT Fluid Solutions, founded in the United States in 2017, is a distributor of industrial and electronic products. It specializes in flow control and fluid management for high-purity and process control applications by developing components and custom solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles, electrolyzers, filling stations, and more. The company also offers services like design for manufacturability, prototyping, advanced flow control solutions, and high-precision manufacturing to companies in the oil, gas, and energy industries.

    • Koehler Rubber & Supply Co.

      Distributor Overview

      Koehler Rubber & Supply Co. (Koehler) was founded in 1917 and operates out of Independence, Ohio. Koehler is a distributor for specialty fluid application products. Product offerings include spray finishing equipment, fluid pumping and handling, lubrication, hoses, sealants, adhesives, meter mix, dispense systems, spray systems, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment such as adapters and fittings, and measuring devices such as gauges and thermometers. Koehler also offers value-added services such as system design, service & repair, maintenance training, operator training, and efficiency analysis.

    • Distributor Overview

      Modern Fluid Power Inc (MFP) was established in 1970 on the outskirts of Blanchester, Ohio. Modern Fluid Power is a distributor for specialized industrial equipment. Among MFP’s product lines are actuator parts, actuators, and actuator components, liquid levels, flow sights, thermometers, sight plugs, pressure gauges, & pressure switches, hydraulic cylinders, tube fittings, valves, hydraulic accessories, pipe fittings, pipe line strainers, backflow preventers, water gauges, directional control air valves, filters, regulators, lubricators, air cylinders, and ball, safety, relief, butterfly, solenoid, check, needle, gate, & globe valves.

    • Guenther Supply, Inc.

      Distributor Overview

      Guenther Supply Inc. began in the 1940s and officially founded in 1956. Guenther Supply Inc. offers products and services. Product offerings include pipe and tubing across carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, copper, and PVC, fittings and flanges, valves, pipe support and hardware, hose and tubing products, piping specialty products, pipe insulation, plumbing and heating products, chemicals, and tools including threating, cutting tools, and drain cleaning equipment. Service offerings include valve actuation assemblies, air, water, and hydraulic hose assemblies, along with tool rentals.

    • AutomationDirect Inc.

      Distributor Overview

      AutomationDirect.com was founded in 1994 to provide solutions for the industrial automation market and has been growing its list of offerings ever since. AutomationDirects’ extensive catalog includes individual components such as cables, various controls, I/O devices, relays, gauges, fittings, and sensors to complete systems. Many parts and devices, especially PLC units are customizable. AutomationDirect.com also provides support via video instructions, online manuals, a learning library, an active community forum to further assist customers.

Tube Fitting Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the tube fitting page as of February 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. Nitta Corporation: 2,971
  2. Ushio Inc.: 1,697

Newly Established Company

  1. Maedler North America: 2020 (4 years ago)
  2. SERTO AG: 2002 (22 years ago)
  3. Plastixs, LLC: 1999 (25 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. Nitta Corporation: 1885 (139 years ago)
  2. Oil-Rite Corporation: 1933 (91 years ago)
  3. Frischhut GmbH und Co. KG: 1945 (79 years ago)

Tube Fitting Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Tube Fitting Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
United States of America United States of America 20 57.1%
Japan Japan 7 20.0%
Italy Italy 3 8.6%
Germany Germany 2 5.7%
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 2.9%
Austria Austria 1 2.9%
Switzerland Switzerland 1 2.9%

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