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15 Strontium Titanate Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for strontium titanate as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 15 strontium titanate manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked strontium titanate companies as of May, 2024: 1.Accumet Materials Co., 2.ChemBK, 3.ESPI Metals.

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List of 15 Strontium Titanate Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • ESPI  Metals
      • United States of America Address: 1050 Benson Way, Ashland, Oregon, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      ESPI Metals, established in 1950 and headquartered in Ashland, Oregon, is an American manufacturer specializing in high-purity metals, metal compounds, and alloys. The company’s offerings cover 70 elements and alloys from the periodic table in forms of chips and pieces, discs, foils and sheets, as well as wires and rods. Other forms include ingots, pellets and shots, and powder. Additionally, the company provides cleansing agents branded as DeContam, designed for the aerospace and nuclear sectors The company serves clients in the aerospace, defense, education, green energy, and medical technology. Notable customers include General Electric, Harvard Medical School, and the Alberta Research Council.

    • Stanford Advanced Materials
      • United States of America Address: 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Stanford Advanced Materials was established in 1994 in Lake Forest, California to provide rare-earth products for research and development purposes. Stanford Advanced Materials serves many industries ranging from automotive to fashion to energy to research to sports to textiles. Stanford Advanced Materials manufactures and distributes purified metals, ceramics, composite materials including strips, plates, rods, wires, and bars, as well as laboratory equipment and optical equipment including crystals, lenses, splitters, and windows.

    • American Elements
      • United States of America Address: 10884 Weyburn Avenue Los Angeles, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      American Elements was founded in 1997 in California and currently has research and production facilities in Utah, Mexico, China, and the United Kingdom. AE manufactures and distributes advanced materials from a catalog of over 30,000 products for bulk industrial use as well as small scale laboratory use. AE also provides testing and analyses services including spectroscopy along with structural, thermal, and electrical analyses. AE holds sustainable development as a core corporate value and is committed to work to protect the health of the environment.

    • Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 10410 Finnell Street Dallas, Texas, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., established in 1991 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an American manufacturer and supplier specializing in biological products for medical research. Initially providing antibodies to the research community, they expanded their offerings to include gene silencers like siRNA and shRNA (plasmid and lentiviral), targeting all known mouse and human genes. Over time, Santa Cruz Biotechnology provides over 175,000 research biochemicals under the brand ChemCruz, including protein-interacting inhibitors, substrates, and activators, tailored for studying protein functions. The company offers monoclonal primary antibodies, designed for various mammalian and non-mammalian protein targets, along with corresponding binding secondary antibodies.

    • Accumet Materials Co.
      • United States of America Address: 200 Executive Boulevard, #200-B, Ossining, New York, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Accumet Materials Co. is headquartered in Ossining, New York. The company is a metal and ceramics manufacturer and distributor that provides metal engineering solutions to customers around the world. The company specializes in three primary materials: ceramics, metal, and powders. The company offers custom products based on several materials including ceramics, zirconium, magnesium oxide, crystals, and other metals. The company’s facilities include ceramics fabrication, vacuum & arc melting furnaces, a custom foundry, crystal growing, and powder production systems.

    • MSE Supplies
      • United States of America Address: 3440 E Britannia Dr, Unit 190, Tucson, Arizona, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      MSE Supplies is a supplier of materials and equipment for research and manufacturing that has been in business since 2011, and is based in Tucson, Arizona. The company offers various materials, laboratory equipment, and analytical instruments, including high purity lab crucibles, single crystals, wafer, and substrates, as well as vacuum pumps and hardened steel & tungsten carbide pellet pressing dies for pressing dry powder pellets, used for various laboratory and production applications. With expert support, multiple customization options and a diverse product catalog, MSE Supplies caters more than 5000 products to researchers and businesses in over 100 countries across the globe.

      • Japan Address: 11-1, 9-chome, Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Nippon Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd., started in 1893 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a manufacturer of inorganic and specialty chemicals. In 1950, the company started the production of phosphate fertilizer at the Koriyama factory and the production of insecticides at the Miharu factory. In 1970, it began producing phosphoric acid, and in 1971, it started making chromium compounds. Its portfolio includes chromium compounds, inorganic phosphorus compounds, electronic ceramic materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and agrochemicals. It also offers custom manufacturing for various industries, including agricultural chemicals, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals.

      • Japan Address: 2-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Kanto Chemical Co. Inc., founded in 1944 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a reagent manufacturer with overseas affiliates in other countries, including China, France, USA, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Its product portfolio includes analytical reagents, ionic liquids, Iodine compounds, ultra-pure chemicals, and water analysis kits. The company is also developing regenerative medicine and genetics reagents and has over 50,000 products. It has several certifications, including ISO 9001, acquired in 1994, making it the first Japanese company in the reagent industry. Other certifications are ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO/IEC 17025.

    • JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation
      • Japan Address: The Okura Prestige Tower 10-4, Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      JX Metals Corporation was established in 1905 as a manufacturer and supplier of non-ferrous metal products in Tokyo, Japan. The company handles all the services starting from the extraction of the metals, the smelting and refining and developing products for various markets and applications, and also recycling of equipment. Their product manufacturing includes developing copper alloys and special steel products that are used in the electronics market and they also make Sputtering Target (PVD), Metal and Compound Powders, Shielding materials, high purity metals, and more that have uses in making semiconductors, electric circuits, connectors, batteries, magnetic devices and more.

    • MilliporeSigma

      Manufacturer Overview

      Millipore Sigma, formerly known as Sigma-Aldrich, was created in 175 through the merger of Sigma Chemical Company and Aldrich Chemical company and today is a subsidiary of Merck. Millipore Sigma is a life science and biotechnology company serving the industry with several products and services. Some of their product categories include peptide synthesis materials, biochemicals, building blocks, catalysts, chemical biology, chemical synthesis, flavors & fragrances, formulation, lab chemicals, lab safety, APIs, and stable isotopes. Services include characterization, contract manufacturing, custom products, software, support, testing, and mRNA development & manufacturing.

    • Alfa Aesar, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
      • United Kingdom Address: Shore Road Port of Heysham Industrial Park Lancashire Heysham, Lancashire, United Kingdom

      Company Overview

      Alfa Aesar is based in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Alfa Aesar is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, metals, and life science products for research and development. Alfa Aesar’s product lines include chemicals, life science, materials & metals, catalysts, and analytical & lab ware. Chemical offerings include inorganic compounds, organic compounds, organometallic, and solvents. Life sciences include biotechnology products, cellular & molecular biology, genomics, and immunology. Materials & metal include alloys, carbon, etchants, and more. Catalysts include ferrocenes, fuel cell products, and precious metals & catalysts. Alfa Aesar also offers custom manufacturing options.

    • Forecast Chemicals
      • India Address: 202, Shardhannad bldg., 272/274, Samuel Street, Masjid West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

      Company Overview

      Forcast Chemicals is, established in 1984, with its headquarters located in Mumbai, India, is a manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and distributor of chemicals. Their product range includes industrial chemicals, food chemicals, organic solvents, and rubber chemicals. These products find applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and beverages, and paint. Their chemicals are widely used for formulation, cleaning, synthesis, and other industrial processes, to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in industrial processes. Forcast Chemicals meets and adheres to ISO 9001 certification standards.

    • Thermograde Process Technology
      • United Kingdom Address: Unit 17D Whitebridge Industrial Estate Stone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

      Company Overview

      Thermograde Process Technology Ltd is a UK based, privately owned speciality inorganic chemical manufacturing business. Using high temperature solid phase manufacturing techniques to produce such compounds as Titanates and Zirconates plus a variety of others. The markets served are Electronics, Metallurgical, Plastics and areas of advanced technology and as a fast reacting adaptable business we can manufacture to customer specific requirements as well as offering a variety of Rare Earth Compounds. Alongside our own products we also offer a Toll Processing facility which includes high temperature calcination, blending and micronizing using the many years of experience gained manufacturing our own products.

      • China Address: No. 69, Gazelle Valley, High-TechZone, Xi’an City, Shaanxi, China

      Company Overview

      Xi’an Functional Material Group Co., LTD (FM) was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Xi’an, China. FM specializes in high purity film coating materials and inorganic compound powder materials. FM’s product lineup includes two segments, film coating materials and inorganic compound powder. Film coating materials emphasizes metal sputtering targets, metal alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets, evaporation materials, as well as other materials. Inorganic compound powder unit includes high purity metal materials, rare earth materials, chalcogenide materials, halides, nitrides, bodies, silicate materials, and other advanced materials.

Strontium Titanate Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the strontium titanate page as of May 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  3. Forecast Chemicals: 10

Newly Established Company

  1. XI'AN FUNCTION MATERIAL GROUP CO.,LTD: 2002 (22 years ago)
  2. Thermograde Process Technology: 1984 (40 years ago)
  3. Forecast Chemicals: 1984 (40 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. NIPPON CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.: 1915 (109 years ago)
  2. KANTO CHEMICAL CO.,INC.: 1944 (80 years ago)
  3. Thermograde Process Technology: 1984 (40 years ago)

Strontium Titanate Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Strontium Titanate Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
United States of America United States of America 6 46.2%
Japan Japan 3 23.1%
United Kingdom United Kingdom 2 15.4%
India India 1 7.7%
China China 1 7.7%

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