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42 Magnetic Drilling Machine Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for magnetic drilling machines as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 42 magnetic drilling machine manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked magnetic drilling machine companies as of July, 2024: 1.Hermes Hardware, 2.UNIBOR, 3.Tanner.

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List of 42 Magnetic Drilling Machine Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • Evolution Power Tools USA
      • United States of America Address: 8363 Research Drive Davenport, Iowa, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Evolution Power Tools, established in 1992 and based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, is a manufacturer of power tools. Its offered power tool are designed for cutting various materials, including aluminum, diamond masonry, mild steel, wood, and steel. Its product range encompasses circular saws, diamond tools, and saw blades. With additional offices and distribution centers in the United States, the company provides sales and support for North America and Canada. The company own offices in France and China, along with a network of agents across more than 30 countries, making its power tools accessible to a wide and diverse international market.

    • Mactech Offshore, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 302 Ida Road Broussard, Louisiana, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Mactech Offshore, Inc., founded in 1974 and headquartered in Broussard, Los Angeles, USA, is a manufacturer of offshore machining and cutting equipment. The company offers a diverse range of products and services, including portable machining tools, subsea diamond wire saws, and custom engineering products for the offshore industry. The products enable precision machining and cutting in challenging offshore environments, providing benefits such as reduced downtime, increased efficiency, and cost-effective maintenance and repair operations. These solutions cater to various industries, including oil and gas, renewable energy, marine, and subsea construction, ensuring critical operations remain uninterrupted even in remote or underwater locations.

    • Tanner
      • United States of America Address: 714 Montauk Avenue Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Tanner Bolt & Nut, founded in 1979, is a distributor of fasteners, tools, safety equipment, and other construction-related products, and the company's headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York. Tanner Bolt & Nut offers cutting-edge fastening solutions for various industrial applications. The company distributes security items, cutting tools, safety equipment, and industrial supplies. The company is devoted to providing its clients with a superior product, superior service, and competitive pricing.

    • Steelmax Tools LLC
      • United States of America Address: 801 W. Mineral Ave. Suite 103,Littleton, Colorado, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Steelmax Tools LLC, established in 2003 is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of metal fabrication equipment and solutions headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, and with an additional office in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. The company’s product portfolio is segmented into beveling, metal cutting, hole making, weld automation, and welding station equipment. They offer various hole-making machines including pneumatic drills, tapping & drilling machines, portable mag drills, magnetic drilling machines, and auto-feed mag drills used in oil rigs, drilling platforms, and mining operations.

    • Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
      • United States of America Address: 3062 East 93rd Street Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Cleveland Steel Tool Co., established in 1984, is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and is a manufacturer and distributor of quality steel fabrication equipment. The company offers a diverse line of precision steel fabrication equipment, including tube notchers, punches, ironworkers, magnetic drills, and more. It has received awards such as the Innovation in Manufacturing Award in 2008, and it holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management. Its products cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including construction, automotive, and aerospace.

    • Euroboor USA
      • United States of America Address: 160 White Oak Road, Alabama, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Euroboor USA, established in 1977, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial portable tools. Some of the products offered by the company include magnetic drilling machines, annular cutters, sawing machines, as well as grinding machines, and bevelling machines. These products are used for various applications such as metalworking, construction, and maintenance. The company holds several certifications including the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system.

    • DEWALT
      • United States of America Address: 701 E Joppa Rd, Towson, Maryland, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Dewalt Inc. is a power tool manufacturing firm started in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt. It began as a small enterprise in Maryland but quickly expanded. They were reformed and reincorporated as DeWalt Inc. in 1947 and were purchased by American Machine & Foundry Co.Inc in 1949. Dewalt Inc. provides a diverse range of products such as power tools, hand tools, accessories, outdoor equipment, and workplace equipment. As of 2001, they produced and sold over 200 hand power equipment and 800 accessories. DeWalt is now a well-known tool brand among commercial contractors.

    • M & R Machine & Tool
      • United States of America Address: 616 Albion Ave,, Schaumburg, Illinois, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      M & R Machine & Tool, founded in the United States, is a supplier of machinery and tooling for the steel fabrication industry. The company offers a wide selection of machinery such as hydraulic presses, shears, bending machines, welding equipment, and more, designed to streamline the fabrication processes, cutting tools like saw blades, drills, and grinding wheels, engineered for precision and efficiency in working with steel materials and accessories and consumables.

      • United States of America Address: 46 Chancellor Drive, Roselle, Illinois, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. is a company established in 1969 and based in Roselle, Illinois, as a supplier of industrial tools. Its product portfolio includes magnetic drills, hydraulic punches, air tools, quick-connect couplings, and electric torque screwdrivers. It also supplies linear piston air compressors, linear piston blowers, diaphragm air compressors, vacuum, and DC pumps. The company is part of Nitto Kohki Group and has acquired ISO 14001 certification. Its products are catered to several industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, mining, and fabrication industries across the USA.

    • Scantool A/S
      • Denmark Address: Industrivej 3-9, DK-9460 Brovst, Denmark

      Manufacturer Overview

      Scantool A/S, established in 1980 by Jens-Martin Nielsen, is an equipment metalwork manufacturer located in Brovst, Denmark. The company specializes in a diverse range of industrial equipment and machinery, including grinding and polishing machines, dust and smoke extraction systems, bending rollers, folding and bending machines, and drilling & milling equipment. The company’s product portfolio includes deburring machines, metal band saws, grinding and polishing machines, centerless belt grinders, and extraction and filter units. Its products are marketed under the four brands Scantool, KEF, ARBOGA, and HM Machinery.

    • 3keego
      • Taiwan Address: No. 55, Shin Ren 2nd St., Da Li District, Taichung City, Taiwan

      Manufacturer Overview

      3keego, established in 1976 and headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacturing of cutting tools. The company offers a range of cutting tools, including hole cutters, annular cutters, and magnetic drills. It also provides tungsten carbide tipped. Its cutters are designed to drill holes in thick and hard metals. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2015, CE, and SGS certifications. It serves a wide range of industries such as metalworking, construction, automotive, aerospace, oil, and more.

      • Japan Address: 2-9-4, Nakaikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD., founded in 1956, is a Japanese manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Ota-ku, Tokyo, specializing in compressors and pumps, door closers, power and machine tools, as well as quick connect couplings. The company’s CUPLA series of quick connect couplings caters to diverse industries including automotive, chemicals, electronic or mechanical products, food manufacturing, and semiconductors. The "delvo" series features electric screwdrivers used in transportation equipment manufacturing. The company’s MEDO BLOWER line presents power-saving blowers for applications like residential septic tanks, cultivation, fluid agitation, and live fish maintenance. Additionally, the company’s door closers are installed in medical facilities and transportation.

    • FEIN Power Tools, Inc.
      • Germany Address: Hans-Fein-Str. 81 Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Baden Württemberg, Germany

      Manufacturer Overview

      FEIN Power Tools, Inc. (FPT) is a manufacturer of various power tools that was established as a US subsidiary of the German company C&E Fein GmbH in 1979. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company's product lineup includes pipe sanders and polishers, magnetic base drills, metal cutting saws, and rotary welding positioners. It also offers technical support, product demonstrations, spare parts, and repair services. FPT products are primarily used by clients in metalworking industries, such as aviation, construction, and shipbuilding.

    • SIDAMO

      Manufacturer Overview

      Sidamo, established in 1967 and headquartered in La Chaussée St Victor, France, is a manufacturer that develops technical tools for professional users in the building and industry sectors. The company offers a wide range of products, including a tip groove mill, straight slotting mill, floor drill press, metal band saw, and more. It also offers the Pro Move 3600, which is a large format cutting system for handling operations. Its product has an automatic setting of the tip and a constant mill diameter. The company has achieved ISO 14001 certification. It serves industries such as manufacturing, construction, metalworking, and precision.

    • AGP

      Manufacturer Overview

      AGP is a manufacturer of power tools and motor technology founded in 1989 and headquartered in Douliu City, Taiwan. The company’s products are categorized into construction tools, metalworking tools, paint sprayers and accessories. Some of its products include vacuums and vacuum pumps, concrete saws, drill motors, concrete grinders, and magnetic core drills. Its products find application mainly in the construction sector, which includes drywall finishing, dry and wet drilling and grinding. AGP does in-house design and global sourcing, as well as offering services such as technical support, product training, warranty and custom tool design.

    • Milwaukee Tool.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Milwaukee Tool, established in 1924 and headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA, is a manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories The company offers a wide array of accessories, such as bits, blades, and sockets, to complement their cordless and corded power tools, including hammer drills, saws, and wrenches. Milwaukee Tool's products are utilized by construction workers, mechanics, electricians, and contractors for various tasks, including drilling, sawing, fastening, vehicle repairs, electrical installations, and construction projects.

    • CS Unitec, Inc.

      Manufacturer Overview

      Unitec Power Tools (Unitec) was founded in 1990 and operates out of Norwalk Connecticut and Deer Park, Texas. The company is a developer and producer of tools for metalworking, concrete, masonry, petrochemical, hazardous environments and Ex Zones, underwater, and mining. The company developed the first air-powered band saw in 1991. The company's tool types include cutting tools, surface preparation tools, dust collection systems, safety tools, and various specialty tools. The company offers support in both English and Spanish.

    • PROMOTECH Sp. z o.o,
      • Poland Address: ul. Elewatorska 23/1,Białystok, Poland

      Company Overview

      PROMOTECH, established in 1987 and based in Białystok, Poland, is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced technological solutions for the metal industry. The company's product range includes plate and pipe bevelling, drilling and punching, welding and cutting tractors, and welding automation. These products are used for holemaking, beveling, and automation cutting and welding. The company serves industries that require metalwork precision and machinery manufacturing. Its services include designing, manufacturing, service and support, and dealership opportunities.

      • Netherlands Address: Jac. P. Thijsseweg 16 ER Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

      Company Overview

      Fe Powertools, based in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, is a supplier of machine tools such as sawing, magnetic drilling, and beveling machines. The company serves the metal and steel industries and imports tools from several manufacturers, including Promotech, Exact Tools, and BDS Maschinen. It also sells other products like cutting oils and lubricants, and from March 2016, it started offering a wide range of hole cutters and magnetic drilling machines, all of which are produced in Germany. The company has been importing and exporting power tools for over 40 years.

    • Valkenpower BV
      • Netherlands Address: Haverkamp 11 Maasbracht, Netherlands

      Company Overview

      Valkenpower BV, founded in 1957 in Maasbracht, Limburg, is a multifaceted manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of a wide array of machines and tools. The company offers an extensive and diverse range of products including sandblasting equipment, ventilation and extraction systems, lifting and hoisting tools, welding and cutting machinery, and motorcycle gear, among others. These machines and tools are utilized across various sectors, including construction, automation, telecommunications, and renewable energy, with a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and productivity in diverse applications.

    • BDS Maschinen GmbH
      • Germany Address: Martinstrasse 108 Mönchengladbach, Germany

      Company Overview

      BDS Maschinen GmbH, established in 1989 and located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, is a manufacturer and global supplier of annular core cutters, magnetic drilling machines, and plate beveling machines for metalworking professionals. The company designs, manufactures, and supplies over 30 magnetic drilling machine models designed for twist drilling, core drilling, tapping, and reaming. It also supplies annular core cutters and related accessories for professional drilling needs. Its other products include clamping devices and accessories for core drilling machines. The company serves customers worldwide in industries such as the steel industry, bridge construction, shipbuilding, plant and machinery, and power station construction.

    • Holemaker Technology
      • United Kingdom Address: Bridge House, Pattenden Lane, Marden, Kent, United Kingdom

      Distributor Overview

      Holemaker Technology, founded in the UK in 2013, is a supplier of portable metal drilling solutions to speed up fabrication, installation, and maintenance. The company's product portfolio includes portable magnetic drills, a wide selection of annular cutters suitable for various materials, ensuring clean and precise hole cuts and accessories, including drill stands, safety equipment, and cutting fluids, to complement and enhance the drilling process. The company exports its products to more than 50 countries.

    • JEI Drilling & Cutting Solutions
      • United Kingdom Address: Unit 21 Empire Business Park, Enterprise Way, Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom

      Distributor Overview

      JEI Drilling & Cutting Solutions, founded in the UK in 1993, is a distributors of a wide range of drilling and cutting solutions. The company's product portfolio includes drill bits and rigs to drilling machinery and accessories and a comprehensive selection of cutting tools designed to meet the demands of precision cutting, including end mills, taps, and reamers. It serves industries such as steel fabricators, building construction, bridge building and repair, rail industry, and offshore oil and gas construction.

Magnetic Drilling Machine Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the magnetic drilling machine page as of July 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. NITTO KOHKI CO.,LTD.: 1,021

Newly Established Company

  1. Set Corporation: 2017 (7 years ago)
  2. GTA Diamond Tools: 2012 (12 years ago)
  3. GME Supply: 2005 (19 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. FEIN Power Tools, Inc.: 1867 (157 years ago)
  2. Milwaukee Tool.: 1924 (100 years ago)
  3. NITTO KOHKI CO.,LTD.: 1956 (68 years ago)

Magnetic Drilling Machine Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Magnetic Drilling Machine Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
United States of America United States of America 14 43.8%
United Kingdom United Kingdom 4 12.5%
Netherlands Netherlands 3 9.4%
Germany Germany 2 6.3%
Denmark Denmark 1 3.1%
Taiwan Taiwan 1 3.1%
Japan Japan 1 3.1%
Poland Poland 1 3.1%
Singapore Singapore 1 3.1%
India India 1 3.1%
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1 3.1%
China China 1 3.1%
Canada Canada 1 3.1%

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