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YG-1 Tool Company
Xinxiang Donghai Industrial Co., Ltd.
WAT Tool Co.,Ltd
Ub Tools (suzhou) Co., Ltd
Tianjin MeiWha Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
Threads Tools Co., Ltd.
Sutton Tools
SCN Industrial, Inc.
Sandvik Coromant
Regal Cutting Tools

30 Spiral Flute Tap Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for spiral flute taps as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 30 spiral flute tap manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked spiral flute tap companies as of April, 2024: 1.Jiangsu Winner Tools Co., Ltd, 2.CHUAN HONG PRECISION TOOL MFG.CO, LTD., 3.NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP..

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List of 30 Spiral Flute Tap Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • YG-1 Tool Company
      • United States of America Address: 730 Corporate Woods PKWY., Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      YG-1 U.S.A., founded in the United States, is a manufacturer of powdered metal and thread mills. The company's product portfolio includes a wide array of powdered metal components for diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. These components find applications in gear systems, bushings, bearings, and more. It also offers state-of-the-art thread mills engineered for machining precision threads in a variety of materials that are used for industries like machining, manufacturing, and construction.

    • Guhring, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 1445 Commerce Avenue Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Guhring, Inc. is an American manufacturer of round shank cutting tools established in 1978 as a subsidiary of German company Guhring KG, which was originally founded in 1898. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, the company produces various taps, end mills, drills, and reamers, as well as tool holders and countersinks. These are utilized in the manufacturing and engineering processes of clients in the industrial sector, including tool and mold making, power generation, and construction. Guhring, Inc. owns over 1,000 patents, and produces more than 40,000 different cutting tools that it distributes via other subsidiaries in the Guhring KG network.

    • WIDIA
      United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      WIDIA is based in Essen, Germany, and is a manufacturer of industrial metal cutting tools that was established in 1926 before its acquisition by Kennametal Inc. in 2002. The company’s product lineup includes indexable milling tools such as high-feed and shoulder mills, and solid end milling tools such as solid carbide end mills. It also offers turning machines, tapping machines, and hole making tools such as reamers and drills. The company’s products are commonly used in the energy, automotive, and aerospace industries.

    • Regal Cutting Tools
      • United States of America Address: 5330 East Rockton Road Roscoe, Illinois, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Regal Cutting Tools is located in Roscoe, IL, and is a manufacturer of metal cutting tools since 1955. The company's products include thread mills, gages, twist drills, threading taps, and end mills made from materials and coatings such as high speed steel, solid carbide, cobalt steel, Super Tuf particle metal, and carbo-clad carbide tipped. The tools are utilized in aircraft manufacturing, power generation, automotive & transportation, fastener manufacturing, and medical industries. The company has 24-hour special metalworking tap manufacturing services intended purposley for meeting customers' needs.

    • Champion Cutting Tool Corp
      • United States of America Address: 10 Madison Ave, Rockville Centre, New York, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Champion Cutting Tool Corp. (Champion) is a manufacturer and distributor of cutting tools that was established in 1897 in Rockville Centre, New York. The company offers a broad range of cutting tools for use in metalworking, such as magnetic drill presses, carbide-tipped hole cutters, end mills, and sheet metal cutters. It also offers related products and accessories, such as dies and taps, various abrasives, and saw blades. Champion products are used by clients in woodworking, metalworking, and construction, as well as by manufacturers and OEMs in the automotive industry.

    • WAT Tool Co.,Ltd
      • China Address: Room 506, HuaGu Building No.05, Baotang Road No.88, 523413, Liaobu, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      WAT Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 based in China as a manufacturer of custom-made carbide cutting tools and CNC machine tool accessories. The company offers various products such as carbide end mills, drills, reamers, taps, and saw blades, as well as tool holders, collets, and coolant nozzles. It trades with other companies, including Mitsubishi, Kyocera, TaeguTec, Korloy, and more, serving multiple industries like CNC machining, motor vehicle manufacture, IT industries, and glass production.

    • Threads Tools Co., Ltd.
      • China Address: No. 381, Tianjiali, Tianfeng Village, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Threads Tools Co. Ltd. was officially registered in 2011 as a manufacturer and exporter of thread-cutting tools located in Hangzhou, China. The company produces a wide range of products, including taps, dies, tap wrenches, die stocks, thread gauges, and other related fittings. GSR threading tools have extensive applications for precise thread cutting, measuring, and repairing. The company is a joint venture between Hangzhou GSR Tools and GSR Germany, which has been in the business since 1889, serving the needs of manufacturing, machining, and domestic applications.

    • Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd
      • China Address: Huanghe South Road, Tianyuan zone, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, stands as an eminent manufacturer and supplier of advanced carbide cutting tools from China. The company excels in crafting an extensive array of cutting implements, including inserts, end mills, and drills, which find applications across diverse industrial sectors. With an unwavering devotion to precision and innovation, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools is resolute in equipping industries like manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive with tools that amplify productivity and elevate quality standards. Their all-encompassing product spectrum caters adeptly to professionals seeking efficient cutting solutions for intricate machining operations.

    • Ub Tools (suzhou) Co., Ltd
      • China Address: First Floor, No.9 Chuangtou Industrial Workshop, LouFeng North District, S.I.P, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Ub Tools (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, established in 2006 and located in Jiangsu, China, is a manufacturer of non-standard cutting tools and equipment. The company specializes in the manufacturing of cutting tools, including end mills designed specifically for aluminum machining, brand cutters, Swiss lathe tools, and roughing end mills tailored for metal applications. These precision-engineered tools offer several advantages, including optimal cutting efficiency, extended tool life, and excellent surface finishes. The products are ideal for various industries, particularly those involved in aluminum machining, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing, where the products enhance productivity and precision of machining processes.

    • Jiangsu Xingrui Tools CO.,LTD
      • China Address: FeiDa indutrial Park,Hou Xiang Town,DanYang City,Jiang Su Province, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Jiangsu Xingrui Tools Co. Ltd., established in 2008 and headquartered in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China, is a tool bit designer, manufacturer, and wholesale supplier. The company's products include HSS twist drill bits, woodworking drill bits, and HSS machine taps. It also provides hand taps, end mills, and other power tool accessories. These products are used in machining equipment to produce components, as well as in handheld equipment used by plumbers and electricians for drilling precise holes during installation projects.

    • Accurate Auto Lathes PVT.LTD.
      • India Address: Dugri Road, Near Canal Bridge, Nirmal Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

      Manufacturer Overview

      APL - Accurate Auto Lathes Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of machine cutting tools in Ludhiana, Punjab of India since 1981. APL provides standard as well as customized machine-cutting tools that are vital components of many industrial applications such as grooving, drilling, threading, and deburring. They also manufacture various tools for Twist Drills, Threading caps, Thread gauges, and Split Dies. End mill cutters along with side and face cutters are designed with different specifications to meet the need of the clients. Circular Thread Rolling Dies and Hand and Machine Reamers casting are also part of the company's profile.

    • MSK Tianjin International Trading CO.,Ltd
      • China Address: Block 6-49, No.12, Haitai Er Road, Huayuan Industrial Park, Binhai Hi-Tech Zone, Tianjin, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      MSK Tianjin International Trading CO., Ltd was established in 2015 and is located in is a manufacturer of advanced manufacturing equipment for various industrial applications. The company provides milling cutters, taps & drills, tool holders, dies, and, machine tools that have wide applications in manufacturing, mechanics, and, maintenance & repairing sectors. The company passed the Rheinland ISO 9001 certification in 2016 and offers five-axis grinding centers, six-axis tool testing centers, and, CNC tools for hospitals, hotels, universities, schools, and, artists.

    • Dongguan Neres Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.
      • China Address: Zhenan east road 930,Changan town,Guangdong province, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Dongguan Neres Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Changan Town, China, is a manufacturer and supplier of thread rolling machines. The company's product portfolio includes small rebar thread rolling machines, spiral point taps, and three tooth thread mills. These products find application in various countries, including machine manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, and the aerospace industry. The company also offers services including technical support, training programs for customers on the proper use and maintenance of its products, and product customization.

    • Tianjin MeiWha Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
      • Taiwan Address: No. 138-198, Xing'an Road, Zhuangmeili, Dajia District, Taichung City, Taiwan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Tianjin MeiWha Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 2005 and located in Dongli District, Tianjin, is a manufacturer of NC cutting tools. The company’s products are tool holders, inserts, ball ends, HSS drills, and spiral point taps. The products are made from stainless steel, iron, copper, titanium alloy, and aluminum. It has ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 and serves the drilling, boring, milling, and tapping industries. The company exports products to France, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai.

    • Henan Heygo Tools Co., Ltd
      • China Address: No.8 Dongqiang road, New east technology park, Xinxiang, Henan, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Henan Heygo Tools Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is a manufacturer and supplier of quality diamond tools based in China. The company specializes in the production of diamond saw blades, grinding wheels, and core drill bits for various applications. With a emphasis on precision and durability, Henan Heygo Tools aims to provide tools that enhance cutting, grinding, and drilling processes in industries like construction, stone processing, and metalworking. Their solutions cater to professionals seeking efficient and effective tools for demanding tasks.

      • Taiwan Address: No.19 Gongguan, Hsinhsin Village,Tianliao Dist. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Chuan Hong Precision Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1983 with headquarters in India, is a manufacturer of thread plug gauges, ring gauges, and thread cutting tools. The company's product line includes tungsten carbide plug gauges, high-tensile straight fluted taps for cutting materials or high-hardness materials, and planetary roller screws. Chuan Hong Precision Tool Manufacturing Co.'s products are used for manufacturing equipment, water systems and plumbing, automotive components, and fasteners used by various manufacturers in processing equipment and consumer devices.

    • OSG Corporation
      • Japan Address: 3-22 Honnogahara, Toyokawa-City, Aichi, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      OSG Corporation., founded in 1938 and headquartered in Toyokawa, Japan, is a manufacturer of various cutting tools, including end mills, drills, taps, rolling dies, and gauges. The cutting tools are engineered for an array of industries, including energy, automotive, aerospace, die/mold, and heavy. The company also has an academy that it uses as an innovation hub for researching, designing, and developing new products. It established its first overseas subsidiary in the U.S. in 1968, and since then, it has continued to build a network of manufacturing, sales, and technical support locations spanning 33 countries.

      • Japan Address: Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg. 17F 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial machinery and tools, such as bearings, hydraulic equipment, robots, and cutting tools. They also provide services such as machine maintenance and repair. The company's products are used in automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics. One of NACHI-FUJIKOSHI's renowned products is their robotic arm, the "MZR series," which is designed for precision assembly and inspection tasks in industries. They received several awards for their technological advancements and contributions to the industry, including the 2021 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for new hydraulic equipment technology and the 2020 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Grand Technology Award.

      • India Address: D-189 Industrial Focal Point, Patiala, Punjab, India

      Manufacturer Overview

      DIC TOOLS, established in Patiala, Punjab in 2012 is a manufacturer of cutting tools which include HSS Cutting Tools and Gear Cutting Tools. Their product portfolio includes solid carbide end mills used for precise milling, high-speed steel (HSS) and HSS-Co drills, high-speed steel (HSS) and HSS-Co drills used in turning and milling operations, and boring bars and tool holders for hole machining. The company serves industries such as Electronics and Semiconductors, Metalworking and Fabrication and Precision Engineering.

    • Sandvik Coromant

      Manufacturer Overview

      Sandvik Coromant, founded in Sandviken, Sweden in 1942, is a manufacturer of tools for turning, milling, drilling and holding systems. The company's product portfolio includes, copy milling tools, groove milling tools, threading tools, solid milling tools and exchangeable tips. The company serves markets including Medical and Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing and Construction and Building. The company provides services such as Product Selection Guidance, Engineering Support, New Product Design and Development and Custom Manufacturing.

    • Sutton Tools
      • Australia Address: 378 Settlement Road, Thomastown, Victoria, Australia

      Company Overview

      Sutton Tools was established in 1917 and is based in Melbourne, Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools and power tool accessories. The company’s product portfolio includes drills, taps, dies, reamers, end mills, saw blades, screwdriver bits. The cutting tools and power tool accessories are designed for quality, precision, and durability. The products are used in hardware. It is loyal to providing quality cutting tools and accessories to its customers, and it is always looking for ways to modernize and improve its products.

    • R. S. Tools & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,
      • India Address: 3314, Ist Floor, Kucha Kashgiri, Opp. Sardar Ghee, Sitaram Bazaar,Delhi, India

      Company Overview

      R. S. Tools & Engineers Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 2000 and is based in Delhi, India, and is a manufacturer and distributor of tools and fasteners for various industries. The company's product folio includes threading tools, drilling tools, milling tools, pop rivets, and, nut inserts that are crucial in aerospace, drilling and well-building, machinery manufacturing, and, mining sectors. The company also offers hex nut washers, self-taping screws, and, end mills of different sizes and shapes that have wide applications in the automotive, chemical engineering, and construction industries.

    • Xinxiang Donghai Industrial Co., Ltd.
      • China Address: C71 1-7 A-D Industrial Park, southeast corner of the 107 National Highway and Deyuan Road, High Tech Zone, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China
    • SCN Industrial, Inc.
      • Canada Address: 22555 Aut. Transcanadienne Senneville, Quebec, Canada

      Distributor Overview

      SNC Industrial Inc, is founded in the year 1978, based in Senneville, Canada as a wholesaler and distributor of electrical, plumbing, welding, and safety products. The product portfolio includes a diverse range of tools and instruments for safety, material handling and storage, facility maintenance, material handling, and storage. The company offers products of different brands under one roof for safety and maintenance solutions. The products are used in multiple industries which include plumbing, shipping, packaging, automotive, electrical, and maintenance.

Spiral Flute Tap Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the spiral flute tap page as of April 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. OSG Corporation: 7,543

Newly Established Company

  1. Jiangsu Winner Tools Co., Ltd: 2016 (8 years ago)
  2. MSK Tianjin International Trading CO.,Ltd: 2015 (9 years ago)
  3. DIC TOOLS: 2012 (12 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. Champion Cutting Tool Corp: 1897 (127 years ago)
  2. Guhring, Inc.: 1898 (126 years ago)
  3. Sutton Tools: 1917 (107 years ago)

Spiral Flute Tap Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Spiral Flute Tap Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
China China 12 41.4%
India India 6 20.7%
United States of America United States of America 5 17.2%
Taiwan Taiwan 2 6.9%
Japan Japan 2 6.9%
Australia Australia 1 3.4%
Canada Canada 1 3.4%

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