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47 Misting System Manufacturers in 2024

This section provides an overview for misting systems as well as their applications and principles. Also, please take a look at the list of 47 misting system manufacturers and their company rankings. Here are the top-ranked misting system companies as of July, 2024: 1.Mist & Cool, 2.Avani Environmental Intl., Inc, 3.OZmist Pty Ltd,.

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List of 47 Misting System Manufacturers

*Including some distributors, etc.

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    • Avani Environmental Intl., Inc
      • Avani Environmental Intl., Inc
        Mist Pump

      • United States of America Address: 6541 Meridien Drive Suite 125 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Avani Environmental Intl., Inc, established in 1997 in Pismo Beach, California, USA, excels as a manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge clean air solutions. The Company’s extensive product range includes mist collectors, dust collectors, welding booths, portable fume collectors, and downdraft tables. Their products cater to diverse industries including welding, grinding, laser/plasma cutting, robotic system fume extraction, and corrosive/explosive dust scenarios. The company aims to provide effective filtration solutions that protect individuals from the adverse effects of dust, smoke, gas, and air impurities. By ensuring air quality and worker safety, Avani Environmental enhances healthier work environments globally.

    • Hydrobreeze
      • United States of America Address: 5001 Front Street, STE 1A,Brookshire, Texas, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Hydrobreeze LLC, established in 1971 is a manufacturer of misting systems, misting fans, and misting pumps headquartered in Brookshire, Texas. It offers industrial, restaurant & grocery store, residential, dust control, and odor control misting systems for residential, restaurant, commercial, and industrial applications. The company can also customize misting systems for greenhouse misting, roof cooling systems, and warehouse misting. The company also offers rentals for outdoor events, including misting fans, misting tents, and inflatable misting tents, as well as heavy-duty misting equipment rentals for construction sites.

    • Advanced Misting Systems
      • United States of America Address: 216 Avenida Fabricante Suite 207,San Clemente, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Advanced Misting Systems is a manufacturer and provider of misting solutions. The company was founded in 1995 and is located at California, United States. The company portfolio includes around-the-clock advice and installation tips for professional and DIY installation of mist systems, misting fans, evaporative coolers, and more. The company provides the supplies, replacement parts, and accessories you need to keep your system functioning properly. The company give allocationto all the parts needed in order to build and maintain misting system, whether it’s residential or commercial.

    • Smart Mist USA. LLC
      • United States of America Address: 5835 Beech Ave. Orangevale, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Smart Mist USA, LLC, located in Sacramento, California, and established in ---, is a manufacturer of advanced misting systems. The company specializes in producing misting products, including the umbrella misting head and high-pressure misting kits designed for offset cantilever umbrellas, delivering optimal comfort for outdoor settings. The company provided a convenient app control for all functions, ensuring a quiet operation and easy DIY installation, and features beautiful, durable stainless steel tubing along with premium anti-drip nozzles that include a built-in filter.

    • Big Fogg Misting Systems Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 30818 Wealth dr, Murrieta, California, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Bigfogg, established in 1993 and based in Murrieta, California, United States, is a manufacturer of misting systems. The company also produces other products such as patio misting, misting inflatables, sports misting, commercial and residential misting systems, and misting accessories and supplies to NFL and NCAA football sports teams. Apart from this, the company also installs high-pressure misting systems, ventilation, and heating systems in different commercial, industrial, and residential projects worldwide. The company also installed overhead cooling fans at destruction centres in Texas and Family Dollars in Florida.

    • Mist & Cool
      • United States of America Address: 2820 N Pinal Ave Suite 12-502 Casa Grande, Arizona, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Mist & Cool, established in 1994 and headquartered in Casa Grande, Arizona, is a manufacturer specializing in low-pressure DIY mist cooling kits, misting systems, and misting fans. The company offers a diverse range of products, including the livestock cooling misting kit, PVC outdoor misting system, portable mist cooling system, DIY mist cooling system, and more. These solutions find applications in an array of settings, including residential areas, commercial retail spaces, buildings, apartments, and other relevant environments.

    • Fogco Systems, Inc.
      • United States of America Address: 600 South 56th Street,Chandler, Arizona, United States of America

      Manufacturer Overview

      Fogco Environmental Systems is a manufacturer of high-pressure misting systems, was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, United States. The company offers a range of products and custom-designed solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential use, including outdoor cooling, humidification, and dust control. Its product portfolio includes cooling, humidification, greenhouse propagation, and even dust and odor control. Its products include features such as automatic operating mode, variable frequency drive, programmable logic controllers, and remote radio control, which help companies to keep guests cool on restaurant patios or golf courses and meet government regulations in greenhouses and warehouses.

    • Boat Outfitters
      • United States of America Address: 450 Maguire Road Ocoee, Florida, United States of America

      Company Overview

      Boat Outfitters, based in Ocoee, Florida, US, is a supplier of boating accessories. The company specialises in marine hardware, boat storage systems, and general boating accessories. The company offers both in-stock marine accessories and built-to-order customised goods. The company offers dock, electrical, fishing, maintenance, plumbing, and ventilation products. As OEM builders, the company offers hard-to-find goods like weather seals, sliding door rollers and tracks, and special-length gas shocks. For more than 200 boat manufacturers, the company has designed over 100,000 distinct boat parts in prototype.

    • MistCooling, Inc
      • United States of America Address: 5001 Front Street, STE 1A, Brookshire, Texas, United States of America

      Distributor Overview

      MistCooling, Inc., founded in 1997, is a supplier of misting systems headquartered in Brookshire, Texas, United States. The company specializes in supplying advanced misting systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agriculture, and outdoor cooling applications. It offers a variety of mist-fog nozzles, mist fans, portable misting systems, and insect/mosquito control systems. Its misting products are repeatedly chosen to cool distinguished venues such as international sporting events, theme parks, major industrial plants, five-star hotels and resorts, and for military training. Its misting systems utilize ultra-fine water “Mist” droplets to reduce outdoor temperature up to 30 degrees.

      • Cleaning-Spray Intelligent Equipment Technology GuangZhou Co.,Ltd.
        Mist spray nozzle

      • China Address: No.168,2nd Industrial Zone,Xia village 5th Community,Jia He Street,Baiyun District,Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

      Manufacturer Overview

      Keliying Intelligent Equipment Technology (GuangZhou) Co. Ltd., established in 2010 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is a manufacturer of tank cleaning and tank washing equipment and systems. The company produces tank cleaning machines, reaction drives, and a wide range of spray nozzles. Its spray nozzles include retractable and rotating spray balls and rotary spray nozzles, as well as high-impact 3D tank cleaning nozzles. The company's services include custom tank cleaning equipment design and manufacture, and spare parts supply.

    • CKD
      • Japan Address: 250, Ouji 2-chome, Komaki, Aichi, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      CKD Corporation, established in 1943 under the name of Japan Aircraft Electric Co., Ltd., is a Japanese manufacturer of automation machinery and manufacturing components, headquartered in Komaki, Aichi. Their diverse portfolio includes pneumatic and fluid control components, fine system components, drive components, and labor-saving components. The company has also developed various types of automation machinery, such as transparent object inspection systems, pharmaceutical products packaging machines, and more. These products find applications in various industries, for example their automated food packaging systems are designed for maintaining food quality and hygienic conditions. Their fluid control components are used in the solar cell manufacturing process.

    • Holman Industries
      • Australia Address: 11 Walters Drive Osborne Park, Western Australia, Australia

      Manufacturer Overview

      Holman Industries, based in Perth, Australia, and established in 1966, is a manufacturer of domestic watering products, lighting, garden decor, and plumbing fittings. The company provides a range of products, such as pop-up sprinklers and nozzles, retractable hose reels, and solenoid valves. It also offers spray guns and nozzles, raised garden beds as well as WX8 irrigation controller and a Wi-Fi garden light controller, which can be connected to Holman Home app. The company provides instructional manuals and troubleshooting support to customers.

    • Ryohshin CO LTD
      • Japan Address: Jikaku Fuchu-Town Toyama City, Toyama, Japan

      Manufacturer Overview

      Ryohshin Co. Ltd., established in 2001 and headquartered in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, is a manufacturer of environment-related equipment, including shredders and sorting waste. The company offers a range of products such as AI sorting robots, shredder, vibratory screen systems, and pneumatic separation systems. It also offers an optical sorter, mixed waste sorting equipment, and recycled paper sorting equipment. Its products are designed to help with the sorting, shredding, and recycling of waste materials. It serves a range of industries such as waste and recycling, plastic crushing, waste disposal, and industrial shredding technology.

    • The Patio Misting System

      Manufacturer Overview

      The Patio Misting System, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a manufacturer specializing in low-pressure DIY mist cooling kits, misting systems, and misting fans. The company's product line includes the Patio Misting System Pro, Stainless Steel Upgrade Kit, In-Line Water Filter, End Fitting with Nozzle Hole, Coupling Joint with Nozzle Holes, and more. These solutions find applications in an array of settings, including residential areas, commercial retail spaces, buildings, apartments, and other relevant environments.

      • Japan Address: 1-1-62, Nakane, Soka, Saitama, Japan

      Company Overview

      Sibata Scientific Technology Ltd, founded in 1921 at Saitama, Japan is a manufacturer of environmental measurement and occupational health measurement equipment. The company with global clientele produces various scientific measurement and analysis equipment that can range from lab glassware to synthetic reactors. The products line comprise of general lab equipment, extractor, synthetic reactor, Rotary Evaporator and Glass tube oven. These products are used in applications such as occupational safety, food hygiene, water hygiene, hospital and chemical plants as well. The products are ideal for testing quality, measuring dust, precise heating & cooling, personal exposure measurements and many more with more reliability.

    • OZmist Pty Ltd,
      • Australia Address: 26 Rowan Street, Wangaratta, Australia

      Company Overview

      OZmist Pty Ltd, based in Victoria, Australia, and established in 2000, is a misting system manufacturer and distributor, specializing in high-pressure misting solutions for diverse applications. The company offers an array of products and applications, including alfresco fans and mist lines for outdoor venues, industrial cooling fans for factories, dust suppression systems for waste recycling, mining, and construction sectors, and more. The company has designed a range of misting systems that cater to industrial, commercial, domestic, and portable needs, ensuring optimal misting solutions.

    • Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE
      • United Arab Emirates Address: Jebel Ali Free Zone South, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Distributor Overview

      Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE, founded in 1996, and located in United Arab Emirates, is a supplier of Panasonic products and services across the Middle East and Africa region. The company is a subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings Corporation and is licensed by Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority in UAE for trading in the MEA region. Its serves its regional customers and businesses through locally-fit offerings that span across an array of consumer electronics, B2B solutions and life solutions. In 2012, it has obtained ISO14001 certification, an environment management system that is rarely implemented in companies in the MEA region.

    • Sproutwell Greenhouses
      • Australia Address: 55 Leather St, Geelong VIC 3219, Australia

      Distributor Overview

      Sproutwell Greenhouses, established in 2011 and headquartered in Victoria, Australia, is a supplier of backyard greenhouses tailored for both enthusiasts and commercial growers. The company's extensive product range includes greenhouses such as the hexagonal entertainer, Oasis entertainer, regatta contemporary, imperial multigrow, imperial shadehouse, and more. It also works with a diverse range of partners, including Tasting Australia, Hendricks Gin, The Garden Gurus, Truss Tomatoes, and Givit. The company also offers various products, including self-watering pots, misting systems, wall louvres and vents, heating systems, plant hangers, and more.

Misting System Manufacturer Ranking

*Including some distributors, etc.

Derivation Method

The ranking is calculated based on the click share within the misting system page as of July 2024. Click share is defined as the total number of clicks for all companies during the period divided by the number of clicks for each company.

Number of Employees

  1. CKD: 4,660

Newly Established Company

  1. Sproutwell Greenhouses: 2011 (13 years ago)
  2. Cleaning-Spray Intelligent Equipment Technology GuangZhou Co.,Ltd.: 2010 (14 years ago)
  3. Italfog: 2008 (16 years ago)

Company with a History

  1. SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY LTD: 1921 (103 years ago)
  2. CKD: 1943 (81 years ago)
  3. Holman Industries: 1966 (58 years ago)

Misting System Manufacturers in United States

*Including some distributors, etc.

Global Distribution of Misting System Manufacturers by Country

*Including some distributors, etc.

Country Number of Companies Share (%)
United States of America United States of America 21 56.8%
China China 3 8.1%
Japan Japan 3 8.1%
Australia Australia 3 8.1%
India India 3 8.1%
Italy Italy 1 2.7%
Canada Canada 1 2.7%
Turkey Turkey 1 2.7%
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 1 2.7%

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